Most Memorable Team Triage Assignments

We asked our travelers to share their most memorable assignments and put together a list of some of our Team Triage traveler favorites. An assignment is memorable for so many different reasons, whether it’s the location, the coworkers, the proximity to hobbies or just another state checked off of a bucket list.

Here is what our travelers had to say about their stand out assignment memories!

My favorite assignment so far was in Vegas! I got an unexpected seat at Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen with my sister when she came to visit. (And yes the beef Wellington was delicious). The staff I worked with were great and I loved the view I had driving to where I stayed! It (almost) made the ridiculous summer heat worth it.—Cassaundra

My most memorable travel assignment so far has been Reno, NV and having the chance to kayak/hike Lake Tahoe on my days off!—Ellie

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My favorite assignment was Great Falls, MT. It had beautiful scenery, proximity to multiple national parks, awesome coworkers, and the nicest patients!— Meagan

Bozeman, MT! So many fun state and national parks to explore. This is Buffalo Jump State Park just outside of Bozeman.—Emily

My most memorable assignment has to be here in Billings, Montana. The people I get to work with are absolutely amazing, helpful, and nice. I have gotten to see a lot of the West since being here. The mountains here are breathtakingly beautiful. I don’t ever want to leave! This is one of my favorite spots in glacier park!—Ashley

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Hawaii & New England have been my favorite so far!—Sandra

Leaf peeping in New Hampshire.—Nicole

Skiing so many mountains in New Hampshire for 2 winters!—Candace

My Portland, Maine contract has been the best. I even drove up to Quebec, Canada for their winter carnival’s 70th anniversary! Aaaand I got pics with Bonhamme, the Carnaval de Quebec mascot! Also while there, I went to Le Continental in Old Quebec City, which is where Anthony Bourdain ate at! I’m always trying to explore places around the contract location, not just at the contract location—Sara

DHMC in NH! Never expected to stay a whole year, but it’s a great hospital and I have made sooo many friends! I’m sad to be leaving but ready for my next adventure!—Steph

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My favorite assignment so far was Washington! Beautiful state and amazing assignment!—Michelle

My current assignment here in Washington is my most memorable! I’ve explored so many places, including getting up to Vancouver BC and seeing the Puget Sound area. Here is a picture from when I hiked Rattlesnake Ledge. The views were mind-blowing!—April

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I loved my assignment in North Carolina during the fall!—Becky

Oregon! The amount of scenic hikes and beautiful mountains they had were unbeatable!—Kayla

Eugene, Oregon so far!—Michael

Denver! Actually really enjoy my hospital and coworkers, plus it’s beautiful here year round!—Vanessa

Definitely Alaska!!!—Val

Fredericksburg, TX. Beautiful hill country and they have the best dog friendly restaurant ever!—Sarah

My favorite so far has been the surgery center in Chesterton, Indiana…people were great to work with, and it was close to lakeshore for sitting on the beach during warm days.—Elizabeth

Chicago was my favorite assignment, I still miss it.—Cassie

There were definitely a few surprises on our list, as well as some recurring favorites. Is your favorite assignment location missing from our list? Email us at [email protected] with your favorite!