John Maaske, Triage Staffing CEO, Named to SIA’s Staffing 100 List

John Maaske, founder and CEO of Triage Staffing, an award-winning healthcare allied and travel nurse agency based out of Omaha, NE was recently named to Staffing Industry Analysts’ Staffing 100 list. Those named to the list are thought to be the industry’s biggest influencers and those who create the largest impact within the staffing field.

The work in being named to this last actually started years ago. Under Maaske’s vision, Triage implemented a plan to strategically focus on key partners that would help Triage grow and thrive. With this plan in action, Triage is consistently recognized as a staffing firm of choice, which gives healthcare travelers more options when it comes to jobs.

“We took the vision of strategically focusing on key partners and implemented structural changes to support it. Not only did this help us manage the demands of Covid, but it also provided a quality delivery model for all that we serve. It’s an honor to lead this team and be recognized by SIA for the work that we’ve done,” said Maaske, Triage founder and CEO.

Three years ago, Triage expanded its Omaha HQ, but the space quickly proved to be too small, even as employees continued to take advantage of flexible work from home policies. In late 2021, Triage announced its move to a 100,000-square foot building. The new HQ is undergoing a full overhaul and Triage employees will get their first look at the interior of the building in spring 2023.

“One of our major goals of the new building is to build and enhance our already-great employee experience. The new building will have an area with old-school arcade games, a meeting space that can accommodate Triage Omaha’s nearly 400 employees and even an employee bar up on the top floor. It’s been exciting to see the progress on the building and I can’t wait to share it with employees,” said Maaske.

Triage started as a radiology staffing firm in 2006. Since then, the company has grown into a top 15 staffing firm, adding travel nursing jobs, as well as laboratory, cardiopulmonary and rehab therapy positions. Triage has offices in Omaha and Cincinnati.