Using Social Media to Find Allied and Travel Nurse Jobs

Finding allied and travel nurse jobs can be a challenge, especially in a post-Covid market. Plenty of healthcare pros left their staff jobs in order to travel. Additionally, the market is flooded with brand-new agencies trying to take advantage and make a quick buck. That means it can be difficult to find a job with a reputable agency. Good jobs with well-known agencies can close quickly and if you don’t apply within the first few minutes, applications can close. To help make things easier, a lot of travelers have success finding jobs via social media. Check out our tips on using social media to find allied and travel nurse jobs.

Join Popular Facebook Groups

There are a lot of popular Facebook groups that post jobs or information for travelers. If you’re not sure how to find them, here are a couple to check out. Just be aware, these may or may not be moderated. Because of this, you should make sure to do your own research before taking a job from a recruiter who’s posting in these groups. This is especially true if you’ve never heard of the agency.

Follow Travel Agencies on Social

Many agencies post openings on their social channels. You can follow Triage on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Follow reputable agencies on social and keep an eye on their stories for job openings. Since many jobs open and close so quickly, sometimes jobs are posted to stories instead of in-feed posts. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of viewing stories from your favorite agencies so you don’t miss out on jobs.

Watch for Recruiter Posts

Next, make sure to follow or friend individual recruiters who frequently post jobs from companies you trust. Having a relationship with recruiters before you’re looking for a job can help put you at the top of their minds. This makes it easier for you to apply for a job quickly. Pro tip: consider building a profile for popular agencies ahead of time so that you’re ready to apply with just one click. Triage uses Kamana for this. It could not be easier to build a profile that’s ready to go in a moment’s notice with Kamana. And as a bonus,  you can use this profile to create a traveler resume that can be shared with any agency.

Lock Down Your Profile

Lastly, lockdown your profiles. Check your security settings to make sure that no one can view your posts or pictures. Also, keep in mind that posts in public groups can be visible to anyone on Facebook, even if they’re not in the group. Many travelers who complain about an agency, recruiter or a facility have their posts viewed and even offers pulled in some instances. If you have a question that can be seen as a negative or a complaint about a facility or agency, it’s recommended that you post anonymously if possible. The group admins know who posted, yet your identity is kept secret from the group. Remember, everything on social media can live on in screenshots. This is why it’s important to be wary of attaching your name to something you’re not comfortable letting your manager read.

Additionally, you should be careful, even on your personal pages. Remove all public photos, posts and even your friends lists. Even if you don’t post anything controversial, it’s a good idea to stay as anonymous as possible. This way, in case someone tags you in an unflattering photo or post, it will not show up on your own feed.

Social media can make finding an allied or travel nurse job easier, but only if you approach it in the right way. Use these tips and see if social media can help you find a new travel position.