Meet Triage Traveler, Jerrie

We like to ask each featured traveler to tell us about themselves and what sparked their decision to travel with Triage. Read on learn more about Jerrie:

The Essentials

Jerrie K.

Cardiac Cath Lab RN

Do you have any kids?

Daughter, Jordan and three grandchildren: Madilynn (12), Alysiah (9), Jensen (20 mo.)

Do you have any pets?

No, but my family has five cats and a dog!

Three nouns and three adjectives to describe yourself:

Grandma | Workaholic | Team-Player

Serious | Introvert | Knowledgeable


Let’s Keep it Professional

What led you to your profession?

I took care of my mother before she passed and it just seemed like a natural conclusion to make it my profession.

What’s do you like most about what you do?

I love caring for people and their families. I feel best when I bring comfort to others.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your job?

I make “so much money” that I should do every case possible even when others are sitting around doing nothing [in relation to permanent counterparts]. I don’t mind working hard, I have worked hard my entire life.  But what people don’t realize is that it can be a lonely life (especially for an introvert like me). It is hard to be away from friends and family.

Describe what your work week looks like in 10 words or less:

Unpredictable but trying to be prepared for all contingencies. 

What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Go with the flow as long as it does no harm.”

Growing up what did you want to be?

I wanted to be a medical professional.

Alright, Travel Talk

Why did you decide to give the traveling medical gig a shot?

Mostly to make money. I am supporting my daughter and three grandchildren as my daughter goes through College.

Give us one pro and one con to being a traveling medical professional:

Pro: I love meeting new people and observing new ways of accomplishing a task. The biggest con can be the loneliness. 

What’s been your favorite location and/or assignment to date and why?

Fairbanks, Alaska. The people were incredible, as well as the scenery. 

What would we most likely find you doing if you had no responsibilities for a day? 

Reading, hiking…breathing.

What’s one thing that surprised you about being a medical traveler?

People’s misconception of the difficulties a traveler faces on each assignment.

What’s the most important thing you consider about an assignment before taking it?

I try, on every other assignment, to stay closer to home so I can see my grandchildren. Also the money so I can support my family. 


Last but not Least

Why Triage?

I have been with Triage since I started traveling. They have always tried hard to get me good assignments close to home with good pay. 

Who is your recruiter and what do you like most about him/her?

Jason Sagehorn. We have been working together for a short time and are still trying to understand each other’s thought process. He has gone the extra step by working closely with my former recruiter who is now working a different position. For that, I really appreciate him!

Triage overall has been an amazing company to work for.   

Thanks for rallying with Team Triage, Jerrie

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