Don’t Snooze on a January Assignment

The end of the year flies by without fail. What are your plans for the holidays this year? Take our traveler survey and let us know!

Whether you’re taking time off during the holidays or your assignment is ending just after the New Year, now is actually the right time to start looking for a January assignment. If you’re jumping into the job market in January, here’s why you shouldn’t snooze on finding an assignment now.

Why Should You Start Your Search Early

We know, its seems so early to start now your January job search now, but there’s a good reason. A lot of medical travelers like to take time off during the holidays. After all, getting to totally customize your schedule and when you take time off is the greatest perk of being a medical traveler.

But, because a lot of travelers take time off around the holidays, it means that the market is flooded with travelers trying to get a new position right after the new year. This means recruiters are busier than ever and focusing on getting their established travelers a job. If you’re considering trying to work with a new agency or a new recruiter, starting early means that you’ll be able to have a recruiter’s full attention. The early traveler gets the job.

How Early Is Too Early?

The time to start working for an assignment is actually now, around Halloween, but definitely before Thanksgiving. Considering a new agency? Don’t wait because you’ll need time to create your profile or make sure you find a recruiter that fits your vibe. (Pssst. This is exactly why we use Kamana. Our Kamana profiles can be shared with any agency or recruiter since it’s a universal profile. We call it our Profile-Back Guarantee.) Start making these connections now and the chances of finding an assignment you want definitely increase.

Having your assignment buttoned up before the holidays means you can enjoy the time with your family stress free. It also means that your compliance process can be handled over a more leisurely timeframe. This is important because your friends at Triage and even the medical labs where drug tests are processed also like to take some time off around the holidays. Although we’re totally focused on our travelers, we’re all people with outside responsibilities and families that love us too so we also like to take time off around the holidays.

How to Find a New Gig

We have a few tips to help you find a new gig, especially if you’re taking time away.

  • Keep your skills up. If you’re a travel nurse, consider picking up a few PRN shifts while you’re off work at a facility near your home. This can keep your skills current, which can lead to a more attractive candidate package.
  • Start early. You’ll have less competition for jobs and you’ll be able to relax during the holidays.
  • Stay flexible. Everyone wants to go to a southern location during the winter—it’s warmer. However if you’re willing to go to a colder climate, you’ll likely have less competition for jobs, as well as a higher rate. Win, win.

Interested in starting your January job search? Visit our database of allied and travel nurse jobs and connect with a recruiter today.