​Dear Radiology Techs, Travel Looks Good on You

Dear Radiology Technicians,

As a radiology tech, your schedule is pretty tight. You’ve got a great job that pays well, a 401k and benefits. You have a job that is just as rewarding as it is lucrative and meaningful, but your adventurer soul wants something more. Have you ever considered a career in radiology that pays your bills (and then some!) and pays you to travel the country?

How do you grasp at the chance to travel while maintaining (and quite possibly exceeding) your normal income? How do you continue the work you love while alleviating the need to seek out the unknown world of travel? Here’s how…

By becoming a traveling Radiology Tech!

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Travel provides you with invaluable experience and growth. Maybe your friends are traveling the lower 48 and sending you postcards. You’ve got health and dental, they have freedom to roam. But what if you could have BOTH? You can! Here are the benefits becoming a traveling radiology tech.

First off, in some areas there’s a glut of radiology technologists. Instead of taking less than you deserve, go somewhere where you’re in high demand! Triage has many hospitals and medical facilities that want your radiology skills and are more than willing to pay high rates for them.

Some of the jobs within your field that are in the highest demand?

  • Interventional radiology techs
  • Special procedure techs
  • Echo techs
  • MRI techs

Your skills are wanted across the country. Here at Triage, we pick and choose the best job opportunities for traveling health professionals. Are you worried that traveling will eat away at your retirement fund or leave you in the lurch when you need health benefits the most?

Not to worry. Taking a traveling radiology position with Triage means never having to say goodbye to your benefits or retirement plan.

“Our recruiters and account managers focus solely on matching the right opportunity with the right medical professional. From our founding team to our accounting and compliance department, everyone at Triage is dedicated to your career success.”

Second off, the traveling health career industry is very accommodating. Below we have listed some of the many perks traveling healthcare professionals in the radiology field benefit from:

  • Competitive pay (upwards of $40 an hour).
  • Bonus programs (at Triage we give away cash and prizes for members who participate in our referral program and frequently offer sign-on bonuses as well)!
  • Free housing on the job (no rent)!
  • Invaluable experience/exposure to many different procedures and protocols, opening up opportunity for adaptability and genuine growth within your field.

For more details/answers to burning questions, check out this article on our blog!

Now that you have a little insight into the travel healthcare industry, give us a call. Shoot us an email, sign up for more information. We would love to answer any questions you have and explain how you can have your benefits, do the job you love and get paid top dollar to travel. Why not find out more?


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