Celebrating Occupational Therapy Month: Facts about OTs

We love our occupational therapists every month, but we’re especially thrilled to wish them a happy OT Month this April. Let’s celebrate with some fun facts about OTs.

Occupational therapists ranked #31 in best jobs

U.S. News and World Report ranked OTs as #31 in all careers and #11 on their list of Best Health Care Jobs in 2021, mainly based on a high median salary, a low unemployment rate and plenty of available jobs.

Occupational therapists can travel quickly after gaining a license

While most allied and travel nurse agency pros need to have clinical experience before they can travel, OTs can start to travel right after they receive their license. The experience gained during the licensing process gives them plenty of experience to get started.

Pediatric occupational therapists are paid to play

Want to spend your day helping children, but playing with bubbles and singing silly songs? Pediatric OTs are paid to play—while it’s still therapy and work, pediatric OTs find better patient outcomes when their patients are having fun!

Occupational therapists work with a variety of patients

OTs work with patients with a number of different diagnoses. They can assist after a medical event or injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, fractures, a spinal cord injury, strokes and more. OTs also work with people with diagnoses like autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and sensory processing disorder. With so many different types of patients, no two days are alike.

If you’re a current OT looking for a little bit of fun, check out our old post on 10 hilarious OT memes. Looking for a job? Our occupational therapist job board (yep, with pay listed) has more than 200 current OT travel jobs, just waiting for a therapist.