Triage Remains a BluePipes Top-Rated Medical Staffing Agency

We’re exceedingly pleased to announce Triage has been recognized as a top-rated agency by BluePipes for the THIRD consecutive year, making Bluepipes Best Travel Nursing Companies of 2019 list! We’re glad this is a blog and not a video—our happy dance is embarrassing.

Lists like this are important to us for a ton of reasons, but above all else, they lend credibility to the idea that we’re doing things differently. Triage was founded on the principle that putting long-term relationships before quick business transactions would help us stand out. We know there are hundreds of recruiting companies out there, so being voted one of the best by travelers like you reassures us that our founding principle was true.

When newbie travelers are looking to get into the business or experienced travelers are looking to switch, these lists act as a collective testimony from fellow travelers of a good place to start. That said, we want to thank our travelers for taking time out of their busy lives to drop us a review. We couldn’t do any of this without you. Your trust in us helps us grow, ensuring wekeep doing what has led to our success so far.

Thank you from all of us at Team Triage.


Team Triage