Best Travel Songs to Get You in the Travel Spirit

The travel bug hits everyone for different reasons. Whether you’re a medical traveler for the pay opportunities, the ability to see the country or you want to help serve facilities that have staffing challenges, we’ve got a list of songs that will help get you in the travel spirit. In no particular order, here they are.

Travel Songs

Little Red Corvette—Prince

Surfin’ USA—The Beach Boys

Truckin’—Grateful Dead

Let Me Ride—Dr. Dre

Two Tickets to Paradise—Eddie Money

Every Day is a Winding Road—Sheryl Crow

Route 66—Chuck Berry

Life is a Highway—Tom Cochrane

Are You Gonna Go My Way—Lenny Kravitz

Hit the Road Jack—Ray Charles

Shut Up and Drive—Rihanna

When I’m Gone—Anna Kendrick

Go Your Own Way—Fleetwood Mac

I’m Gonne Be (500 Miles)—the Proclaimers

On the Road Again—Willie Nelson

Mustang Sally—Wilson Pickett

Wanderlust—The Weeknd

God Bless Texas—Little Texas

Roam—the B-52s

We know we’re probably missing some—if you have a fave or two, hop on over to our #TeamTriage Facebook group and share the song that gets you pumped up and ready to meet the road. It’s only for current Triage travelers so if you’re missing out, take an assignment with #TeamTriage.

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