Best of Highway Hypodermics 2020

On the roooad…er…HIGHWAY again. No? Let’s try…We’re on the HIIIIIGHWAAAY to help. Let’s cut to the chase–Triage made the 2020 Highway Hypodermics Top Ten Agencies list, for the second consecutive year!

Recognition from medical travel industry sources like Highway Hypodermics mean a lot to us, not for the notoriety or bragging rights (although, those are nice perks), but because it means Triage travelers are happy in their careers with us and want others to know. And that means everything.

There’s a lot of bait and plenty of switch in the recruiting industry and quite frankly, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” At Triage, we like to take the road less traveled, building long-term relationships instead of quick transactions. We listen (like, actually listen) to what you want out of your travel career and then we shoot you straight, so your expectations align with the reality of your assignments. We’ll be candid so you can be comfortable and confident on the road doing what you do best—your job.

Earning the trust of our travelers, and the facilities who look to us to fill their scrubs with anything but scrubs, is our number one goal. When we’re Real with you, you’re Ready to get out there and conquer the world—or at the very least, your travel assignment.

Thank you for your trust, feedback, and continued support of Triage and the traveling medical industry. You’re needed out there, and we’re here to get you where you want to go in your career and your travel destination goals.