Allied and Travel Nurse Jobs in Hawaii

So many of our Triage travelers tell us over and over that they want to head to Hawaii, especially in the cold, winter months. It’s natural, everyone wants to go experience paradise when much of the country is experiencing cold, snowy temperatures. However, is Hawaii paradise all it’s cracked up to be? We caught up with Triage traveler and CT tech Tanya to hear some of her thoughts on Hawaii and just how hard it is to find housing on the islands.

What was your favorite part of your Hawaii travel assignment?

Being a very active person, the variety of outdoor activities both in and of water. From hiking, snorkeling, and diving to farmers markets, local vendor and art fairs, it has a lot to keep you occupied. I love the diversity of opportunities and my main love of scuba diving makes Hawaii heaven for me.

What was the most challenging part?  

Definitely finding housing, but it can be done.

A lot of travelers worry about the costs of a Hawaii assignment. Do you have any tips and tricks that helped you when looking for housing, transportation, etc? Is there a specific website where you start your research?

I start with checking with the department head. I ask if there are any housing lists or websites the facility posts to. I will also check Facebook. Some facilities have an employee site or a traveler page as well. As for transportation, I use the same method as I do for housing. In addition I ask my company if they have any reduced cost options for vehicle rental. If you are considering a 6 month contract, I have known many travelers that purchase vehicles when they arrive, then sell them to other travelers or sell them when their contract is completed. This year my husband and I actually shipped one of our vehicles over. The cost will end up being equal to what our rental stipend is.  Also, we know we are completely covered for anything that may happen with the vehicle or with any kind of catastrophic mishap. It is worth considering if you are signing a longer contract. It does require a large upfront cost though.

How far ahead of time did you start looking for housing in Hawaii?

As soon as I see jobs in areas I am interested in applying to. I have never taken a job without making sure I can find housing that fits the pay package.

What were some of your favorite activities to do in Hawaii that you likely wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else?

So many! Since I am from Montana!! Deep sea fishing, snorkeling and diving.

Top places you visited while in Hawaii?

Absolutely the eruption of Mauna Loa! We were very lucky to have arrived 2 days after it started. Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Kea observation and summit at sunrise and sunset.

What other assignment locations have you been to that you loved and what’s next on your bucket list?

Florida. However, that was 3 years ago prior to the increasing challenge of finding housing there now. Next would be the Carolinas and Arizona.

Do you have a must have item that you bring on your assignments?

I always bring my laptop and my husband. LOL

Any advice for new travelers just starting out?

Get experience first!! Become well rounded, learn as much about your modality as possible. Have the mindset on any job, that they need your help. It was why you were hired. Your training time will be minimal. Be as sponge, absorb and learn what you need to do the job. Remember, it is a short time you will be there. Make a positive impression. You are a part of the traveler family.

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