Top Nurse Podcasts: Expert Discussions on Healthcare Insights

Sometimes it feels like traveling medical professionals spend half of their time moving from one city to the next. Podcasts are the perfect way to fill that time with new knowledge and fun. It is important to always keep learning and it is equally important to take a break. Below we have compiled a list of podcasts that will satisfy both needs. Keep educating yourself, feeding the need to travel and tune in to the stations below!

Amateur Traveler Podcast

Since traveling is part of your job, it would be silly if we didn’t start off our list with a traveler’s podcast. Chris Christensen, (@AmateurTraveler) the main host, has been all around the world. This map, that places his podcasts as markers around the globe, allows the user to visualize the extent of his travels. If traveling is what led you to this profession, Christensen’s podcast will only feed your desire to see the world and dive deep into the variety of culture and humanity in the world.

How Stuff Works: Health

How Stuff Works (@HowStuffWorks) is a wonderful site keep you up-to-date on current events, but also provides a deeper dive. Just as the title says, visit the site and you can find out how stuff works across a number of topics. There are many podcasts within the How Stuff Works umbrella—but be sure and check out the health page. A constant stream of updates makes it is impossible not to find something new and interesting to listen to.

TED Talks Health

Staying true to the TED Talks brand, the TED Talks Health podcast is focused on the newest developments in the field. In addition to lectures on the latest and greatest, TED Talks deliver interesting stories and anecdotes, some tied to daily health habits and personal life lessons. These podcasts are taken from talks, conferences, and events held around the world.

JAMA Clinical Reviews

This podcast follows the latest clinical reviews and interviews those in medicine and science for a more in-depth look at their ideas and innovations. The interviews explain the subject matter and clinical findings in great detail without any hesitation to get lost in the medical jargon.. This podcast is perfect for keeping those already in the edical profession up on the latest hot topics.

Docs Outside the Box

The fear of being labeled “just a doctor,” is what drove Dr. Nii Darko, (@DocsOTB) it to create a podcast dedicated to profiling doctors that are doing something to impact society, outside of traditional medicine. He interviews doctors that run businesses, do humanitarian work or appear on television.


ERcast holds honest conversations with specialists from various medical fields. Dr. Rob Orman hosts the show, inviting his colleagues and peers to shed light on the practice of medicine, and the “insanity of the job.” ERcast doesn’t shy away from medical jargon, going deep on any given topic. Take a listen and ain perspective from people on varying perspectives on this industry.

The Truth About Travel Nursing Podcast

This specific podcast is not currently active. But if you are searching for answers and information on the travel nursing profession, this is the perfect podcast for you. Bluepipes created this podcast to inform those interested in the field and to support those that are already participating in it. This podcast aims to deliver honest, unbiased facts on travel nursing.

Sometimes the best way to survive the stress of travel or jobs away from home is to get lost in something else altogether. Podcasts build unique communities of like-minded listeners trying to fill their time with conversation, information and fun. Check out any of the resources above as you head out to your next job. And if need helping finding that next assignment, visit the Triage job board to find allied and travel nurse jobs!