Top 5 Mental Health Apps Every Medical Pro Should Download

Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation, you’re going to be both excited and, inevitably stressed. Studies show vacationers have become stressed due to information overload (67%) and 37% of travelers cancel their trips due to daily ongoing stress.

Can you imagine skipping out on the long list of benefits that comes with being a traveling medical professional for Triage due to stress?

Don’t let the stress of everyday life and traveling get in the way of your next chapter as a caregiver. Take your mental health and wellness on the go with these 5 apps in your travel bags!

What it does:
Happify is a place to break old, unhealthy habits, form new ones, balance mindfulness, measure cognitive behavioral patterns, and even rid decades of unresolved anxiety, stress, or depression.

The technology was built by scientists to create a no-fail training program for cramped and overwhelmed brains. Happify offers engaging games provided on smartphones, tablets, and computers to create fast acting therapy with larger impacts. Results are delivered on visual charts to track your progress.

What does your happiness look like?

Get Started: Visit the Happify website and take the quick happiness assessment!


What it does: iCBT is a cognitive behavioral therapy system that’s always with you when you need it. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven successful in times of problems with generalized anxiety, OCD, select eating disorders, panic attacks, PTSD, and some personality disorders.

iCBT begins solving the above stressors through a 3-step program that doesn’t require network or internet connection so you can access help at any time or place you need it. The app is voice enabled so you can speak and type your thoughts directly into your device, password protect your entries and even email events to yourself for later review. These methods are tested and proven effective by Dr. David Burns, bestselling author of “Feeling Good.” 

Get Started: You can locate the iCBT app for your iPhone or iPad on the iTunes App Store for $5.99. View more apps similar to iCBT for Android devices.

Anxiety Reliever

What it does: A large part of managing your anxiety starts with identifying what provokes you to feel anxious. Anxiety Reliever helps track your thoughts, evaluates thinking patterns and triggers and filters you through calming audio sessions to overcome anxious thoughts.

Beyond these sessions, Anxiety Reliever provides tips on calming the mind, guiding you to overcome stress and anxiety.

What separates this app from the rest? The AR team sends you encouraging messages of support during challenging times.

Get Started: The Anxiety Reliever app is available for download on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices with a variety of payment options starting at $5.99. View in the iTunes store now! View more apps similar to Anxiety Reliever for Android. 


What it does: Headspace has taken tried and true in-person meditation training techniques and transferred them to app-based training. They’ve reviewed a number of studies to ensure these online training methods work to achieve mindfulness (and it produces the same results as in-person training)! Their mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and mindfulness-based stress reducing techniques have been proven effective in supporting people suffering from routine stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer, and chronic pain.

Get Started: Visit the Headspace website for your free trial!


What it does: MoodTools is a free app including six evidence-based tools to aid against negative moods. MindTools can be used for self-help during stressful events or as a supplementary tool with guided meditations, energy evoking activities, thought diary, and more.

Get Started: Begin your journey to mindfulness with this free app on the MoodTools website!

Travel stressors like missing a flight, booking the wrong day, and forgetting chargers build up stress and create one angry traveler within a matter of a few hours. Keep these mindful helpers in your pocket for every missed taxi, spilled coffee, and wrong turn that crosses your path on your next traveling assignment.

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