5 Fun Ways to Honor Occupational Therapy Month

If you haven’t heard, April is Occupational Therapy Month and we’re celebrating here at Triage! OT month began in 1980 to help spread the word about the occupational therapy profession and its ability to help those in need when it comes to disabilities, recovering from injuries and everything in between.

Occupational Therapy Month coincides with the AOTA Annual Conference which also happened to celebrate 100 years of the profession in 2017! This year’s theme concentrates on everyone living life to the fullest and how OT helps individuals achieve that. How can you carry on the celebration this month? Check out these 5 fun ways:

1. Throw a party!

This option would be, without a doubt, the most fun. You already have the perfect theme, Living Life to the Fullest, now all you need are some games/activities, food and you’re all set! Encourage team members to sign up and bring in homemade dishes to save on the cost of food. You could even look up OT inspired activities on Pinterest to keep up with the theme.

2. Give Out ‘Living It Up’ Awards

Is there someone on your team who is, without a doubt, living life to the fullest? Have different units in your facility nominate those who embody this theme and describe how. You can organize certificates or trophies to give away, arrange a short gathering and take pictures. This event recognizes the goal of occupational therapy and brings the whole team together. Submit the pictures to the facility newsletter or local media outlet for an extra touch!

3. Hold a Contest

Encourage the kiddos to partake in a coloring contest representing different aspects of occupational therapy, hang them all around with their names and draw a few winners. You can place ribbons on drawings and give them to the winners! Getting older patients involved is easy too by asking them to submit entries about what living life to the fullest means to them and what OT has helped them achieve. Winners and recognition can also be given to these submissions alongside the pediatric patients!

4. Appreciation Baskets

Any medical healthcare professional can experience burnout and a little appreciation really goes a long way. Put together some appreciation baskets for your OTs and COTAs to let them know their hard work does not go without recognition. These can contain anything from a thank you card and some home-baked cookies to gift cards and a personalized mug. Large or small, any gesture will help them get the point that they are important!

5. Take to Social Media!

If money and time run out and these other options just don’t happen to fall into place, type, tweet or post some kind words for your favorite OTs or COTAs! Take a quick picture together and let the world know how much you appreciate them or how much you love being in OT, yourself. Tag your picture and/or post with #OTMonth to share it with the whole community. If you have any of these activities planned above, don’t forget to take to social media, as well and let everyone know how you’re celebrating!

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