2022 Traveler Goals

2022 Traveler Goals2022 has barely started, which means its the perfect time to come up with a set of goals for the New Year. Need a little goal inspo? You’re in the right spot. We asked our travelers in our exclusive Team Triage group what they had planned for the year. Here’s what they said.

Sarah—Financial freedom and more time with my family!

Leann—Big plans for 2022…paying off my house!

Yoheliz—My plan is to pay off all my student loans by the end of 2022

Kimberli—I’ll be turning 60 in 2022 and my goal is to shave my head to raise $ for St. Baldricks

Jeff—My big plans for 2022 is to take the summer off and do a bunch of camping with my family

Heather—My goal for 2022 is to buy a home!

Cole—I’m working towards buying property so I can open an art studio and raise goats. Not raise the goats in the art studio; that would be messy

Robin—2022 is going to be the year I learn more about myself and reconnect with what I love

Lauren—Starting graduate school in 2022! BSN to DNP!

Mary—To try and put myself first, it’s a downfall of healthcare workers to put everyone else first.

Maricar—For the year 2022!! Screaming I am DEBT FREE!

Solid goals, Team Triage. If you’re not currently travelin’ with Triage, talk to a recruiter today about finding a travel assignment that can make your goals happen.