10 Apps All Traveling Healthcare Professionals Need Right Now

Traveling assignments in a new place are fun and exhilarating! But they can also be complicated and overwhelming. Unfamiliar with the best route to work? Want to document your stay in a historical city? Need to know where the locals hang out? There’s an app for every single thing you’ll need at your new home away from home. Here are our top ten picks for apps you’re gonna need while on the go!

Best for: Keeping relationships strong

Postagram – Being on assignment away from the people you like can make things difficult. Stay connected and let them know you’re thinking about them by sending some personalized snail mail. Everybody likes to get a good-ol’-fashioned postcard every once in a while. You can use Postagram to take pictures of your temporary home or yourself, add a personalized message like “Hope you didn’t forget what I looked like!”, then print it out and slap a stamp on it for a postcard to send back home!


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Best for: Keeping your travel budget healthy

GasBuddy – So you know all the cheapest places to get gas in your hometown but when you’re in a new place it may take a few trial and error runs to figure that out. Skip those runs with this app that locates all the gas stations around you and compares prices of each one so you can choose a stop to gas up that is on route and cheap!

Best for: Making work feel like a vacation

TripAdvisor – Found somewhere you’re thinking about going on your day off? Check the reviews here to see what other travelers had to say about that little place down the street and see pictures that others have taken as well! That way you can make an educated decision instead of wasting your limited and precious time on just a guess.

Best for: Fitting in, instantly

Localeur – You can be just like a local with this app that gives you the top picks of entertainment, bars, fitness, restaurants, and shopping options all ranked by locals themselves. Get tips and tricks from the people that really know what they’re talking about when it comes to your new place of residence!

Best for: Riding in style

Uber – Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know what Uber does. From the founding of Uber in 2009, the company has rapidly expanded across the globe allowing you to be able to catch a ride just about anywhere. With the push of a button on your app, you can get a ride from the airport to your new (temporary) home on assignment! Now, that’s what I call convenience.

Best for: Dealing with late night cravings

Zomato – After a long shift on your feet, cooking may not be an option when you get home. You don’t know exactly what you want but you know you’re hungry. With this app you can filter what your taste buds are craving, see what’s around you, and then you can read the reviews and see pictures from others that have actually been there. You can make a reservation or set up your order right there, as well!

Best for: The disorganized spender, transformed

OneReceipt – Tracking your spending and what exactly your money goes to can become a cluttery mess when you’re saving all sorts of receipts from day to day. Keep all your clutter in one place with this OneReceipt app. Just take a picture of the receipt to store in the app, toss that pesky piece of paper, and organize your spending right there on your phone.

Best for: Netflix addicts

Wifi Finder – So the cable guy is taking his sweet time to get to your place and set up the internet? And you really need to Skype your best friend? No problem! Use the WiFi Finder app and find all the public places around you that offer free wifi. That way you’ll never miss an important best friend convo, even if you’re halfway across the country.

Best for: Those with 23 hairbrushes

PackPoint Packing List – Did you forget your stethoscope, again?! Download the PackPoint Packing List app so you never forget that or any other gadgets or gizmos you need. The app helps you build your custom list of necessities while you’re away so you’re sure to never leave a thing behind. You can even share your lists with fellow travelers!

There’s nothing wrong with a little help to get acquainted with a new place. You can look no further than the little computer in your pocket for all the help you need and get your life together in the short amount of time you’re on assignment. Which apps do you love to have while on the go? Which ones do you think you just might die without?