Having $500 is better than not having $500.

Triage is offering travelers who are new or returning to Triage a $500 bonus just by taking an assignment this summer.

The fine print: 

  • $500 bonus paid out on your first paycheck
  • Bonus applies to anyone who hasn’t worked for Triage in 2024
  • Assignments must run at least 11 weeks and start between July 1 – September 30, 2024
Young woman nurse who is excited and holding money in hand.

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Popular Summer Healthcare Travel Jobs

Taking a travel assignment in California from July to September is the perfect blend of work and play. California’s summer weather is like a perpetual Instagram filter, making even your off-duty days look fabulous. Plus, with the tourist season in full swing, hospitals are bustling, and that means more shifts and, yes, higher paychecks. It’s a win-win. Not to mention, you’ll get front-row seats to some of the best festivals and events. So, pack your sunscreen and scrubs, because California is calling, and it’s got your ideal summer job written all over it.

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