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Welcome to Triage Staffing’s Travel Radiology page. Below you will find all the pertinent information related to traveling jobs in Radiology. Bookmark this page so you can easily access open positions, read our latest blog posts or find the necessary resources to start your next travel assignment.

What You Should Know About Being a Radiology Technologist

Radiology tech is ranked #15 of Best Health Care Jobs in U.S. News. Becoming a radiology technologist is hard work but rewarding. Continue.

Dear Radiology Techs, Travel
Looks Good on You

You have a job that is just as rewarding as it is lucrative and meaningful, but your adventurer soul wants something more. Continue.

5 Radiology Memes Explained

From what radiology workers actually do, to how demanding their jobs are, sometimes it feels like the world just doesn’t understand.  Continue.

Meet the Triage Radiology Team

Ray Petty - Team LeadRay Petty - Omaha, NE

Ray Petty

Radiology and Rehab Therapy Manager

Jed Dankert - RecruiterJed Dankert - Omaha, NE

Jed Dankert


Chelsey Davis - RecruiterChelsey Davis - Omaha, NE

Chelsey Davis


Todd Dross - Account ManagerTodd Dross

Todd Dross

Account Manager

Jessica Johnson - Social Media RecruiterJessica, Patty & Payton - Social Media Squad

Jessica Johnson

Social Media Recruiter

Kory Kidd - Account ManagerKory Kidd - Bacon Enthusiast

Kory Kidd

Account Manager

Sarah Kirkpatrick - RecruiterSarah Kirkpatrick - Omaha, NE

Sarah Kirkpatrick

Account Manager

Olan Kline - Account ManagerOlan Kline - Omaha, NE

Olan Kline

Account Manager

Kelly Murphy - Account ManagerKelly Murphy - Omaha, NE

Kelly Murphy

Account Manager

Bart Parks - Account ManagerBart Parks - Account Manager

Bart Parks

Account Manager

Ryan Rolfzen - RecruiterRyan Rolfzen - Omaha, NE

Ryan Rolfzen

Account Manager

Dino Sgourakis - Account ManagerDino Sgourakis - Omaha, NE

Dino Sgourakis

Account Manager

Neal Stevens - Account ManagerNeal Stevens - Omaha, NE

Neal Stevens

Account Manager

Mike Tinker - Account ManagerMike Tinker - Omaha, NE

Mike Tinker

Account Manager

Radiology Useful Links

Find links for each state’s licensing information, important tax and health forms, certifications and radiology organizations to help you in your pre-contract, on-contract and post-contract work. As always, follow our blog to stay current with trends, traveling radiology jobs and all things #travelradiology!

Did you know? Triage travelers receive full benefits including Dental, Vision and Education. Read all about our benefits here.

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