What People Are Saying About Marc Jergovic

I have had nothing but great experiences working with Triage, specifically Marc J. He knows the business well and has become one of my main go-to resources when I need help filling a job. He is great with follow ups, always professional and just a pleasure to work with.

Tracy G

I consider myself very fortunate for having an opportunity working with Marc Jergovic these past couple of years. I really value the knowledge and insight Marc has for the staffing world. Marc is a detailed oriented, customer focused, results driven individual who’s goals are to deliver only high quality services to his customers. I credit the success of my business to Marc, and because of his level of professionalism, I have opted to extend my business to Triage’s Allied Division. Marc, I can’t thank you enough and for the record, any client would be lucky to have him as an account manager.

Prischilla P

I appreciate the prompt responses I get from Marc and his willingness to recruit for urgent positions for me.

Luann K

Marc is always looking out for his fellow Triage Employees. He is an amazing team player and great at connecting the dots. Even if he doesn’t have a particular facility or job, he is very helpful in telling us who does. Marc is quite the jokester either with his funny one-liners or his meme’s. It’s nice to have some laughter on stressful days. His resourcefulness is much appreciated by the recruiters. He always has a smile on his face and wants the best for everyone. On top of all of this, he is very detail orientated. You can’t get much past him. He is a gem of a co-worker to say the least!

Amber P

I have been working with Triage Staffing since March of 2014 and refuse to work with any other company because my recruiter, Marc J., is absolutely phenomenal. Any time I need something or have an issue with anything he is immediately on the issue and working to make my travel experience as great as possible. He is extremely trustworthy and works very hard to place me as close to where I would like to be as there are staffing needs. There are not enough positive words I can use to express my experience with Marc and Triage Staffing. I would and do recommend him to anyone I meet who is looking to start traveling or change the agency they work with.

Travel Nurse Central

Working with Marc has always been a highlight of my day. He takes the time needed to get to know my/the client and what will make the right fit. He is always advocating for the right thing to do, even if that makes it a hard business decision. You won’t regret working with Marc!

Thomas V

I have been with Triage for three years now and absolutely love them. I haven’t been with my new recruiter, Jason S., very long (since my old recruiter decided to get a promotion and can’t be my full time go-to anymore?) but Jason has been just as helpful and wonderful to work with as Marc J was. I plan on sticking with this company for a good while still.

Travel Nurse Central

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