The Staff Behind the Staffing

Triage, a medical staffing solutions provider, is more than a place to create your career. We’re a family. Our account managers focus solely on matching the right opportunity with the right medical professional. From our founding team to our accounting and compliance department, everyone at Triage is dedicated to your career success. Get to know the Triage team!


John Maaske - CEOJohn Maaske - Omaha, NE

John Maaske

Owner & CEO

Tyler Pieper - Triage Staffing COOTyler Pieper - Omaha, NE

Tyler Pieper

Owner & COO

Mike Burke - Triage Staff CFOMike Burke - Omaha, NE

Mike Burke

Chief Financial Officer

Erik Mockelstrom - Director Of Strategic PartnershipsErik Mockelstrom - Omaha, NE

Erik Mockelstrom

Director Of Strategic Partnerships

Emilie Wells - Director of MarketingEmilie Wells - Omaha, NE

Emilie Wells

Director of Marketing


Mandy Lofgren - Omaha, NEMandy Lofgren - Omaha, NE

Mandy Lofgren

Nursing Recruiting Manager

Kerrie Mockelstrom - Client ManagerKerrie Mockelstrom - Client Manager

Kerrie Mockelstrom

Team Lead - Client Manager

Jason Sagehorn - RecruiterJason Sagehorn - Omaha, NE

Jason Sagehorn

Team Lead - Recruiter

Jesse Adams - RecruiterJesse Adams - Omaha, NE

Jesse Adams


Alicia Allis - RecruiterAlicia Allis - Omaha, NE

Alicia Allis


Amy Baack - Client ManagerAmy Baack - Omaha, NE

Amy Baack

Client Manager

Greg Beebe - RecruiterGreg Beebe - Omaha, NE

Greg Beebe


Jacob Behrns - RecruiterJacob Behrns - Omaha, NE

Jacob Behrns


Tara Benge - RecruiterTara Benge - Omaha, NE

Tara Benge


Meg Bianchi - RecruiterMeg Bianchi - Omaha, NE

Meg Bianchi


Veronica Burgueno - RecruiterVeronica Burgueno - Omaha, NE

Veronica Burgueno


Michael Clark - RecruiterMichael Clark - Omaha, NE

Michael Clark


Brett Conrad - RecruiterBrett Conrad - Omaha, NE

Brett Conrad


Liem Doan - Client ManagerLiem Doan - Omaha, NE

Liem Doan

Client Manager

Jack Douglas - RecruiterJack Douglas - Omaha, NE

Jack Douglas


Audrey Futryk - RecruiterAudrey Futryk - Omaha, NE

Audrey Futryk


Jill Haney - Social Media RecruiterJill Haney - Omaha, NE

Jill Haney

Social Media Recruiter

Katie Hinkle - RecruiterKatie Hinkle - Omaha, NE

Katie Hinkle


Devon Howe - RecruiterDevon Howe - Omaha, NE

Devon Howe


Kendra Inness - Account ManagerKendra Inness - Omaha, NE

Kendra Inness

Client Manager

“I have traveled with Triage on and off for years. They are the best Company I worked for the 12 years I was on the road. I would HIGHLY recommend…”

Marc Jergovic - Client ManagerMarc Jergovic - Omaha, NE

Marc Jergovic

Client Manager

Kayla Johnson - RecruiterKayla Johnson - Omaha, NE

Kayla Johnson


Lisa Kallhoff - RecruiterLisa Kallhoff - Omaha, NE

Lisa Kallhoff


Abby Keiss - RecruiterAbby Keiss - Omaha, NE

Abby Keiss


Blake King - RecruiterBlake King & Ryan Haney Funny - Omaha, NE

Blake King


Kassandra McKinney - RecruiterKassandra McKinney - Omaha, NE

Kassandra McKinney


Mallory Messenger - Client ManagerMallory Messenger - Omaha, NE

Mallory Messenger

Client Manager

Miranda Parks - Nursing AssistantMiranda Parks - Omaha, NE

Miranda Parks

Nursing Assistant

Payton Parks - Social Media RecruiterJessica, Patty & Payton - Social Media Squad

Payton Parks

Social Media Recruiter

Amber Peters - RecruiterAmber Peters - Omaha, NE

Amber Peters


Jenny Pfannenstiel - RecruiterJenny Pfannenstiel - Omaha, NE

Jenny Pfannenstiel


Lydia Philippe - RecruiterLydia Philippe - Omaha, NE

Lydia Phillippe


Sarah Price - RecruiterSarah Price - Omaha, NE

Sarah Price


Cory Queen - RecruiterCory Queen - Omaha, NE

Cory Queen


Robyn Reinig - RecruiterRobyn Reinig - Omaha, NE

Robyn Reinig


Brandon Roell - RecruiterBrandon Roell- Omaha, NE

Brandon Roell


Meghan Lange - RecruiterMeghan Lange - Omaha, NE

Meghan Sather


Brittany Schaben - RecruiterBrittany Schaben - Omaha, NE

Brittany Schaben


Diedre Simpson - RecruiterDiedre Simpson - Omaha, NE

Dierdre Simpson


Terry Thompson - Account ManagerTerry Thompson - Omaha, NE

Terry Thompson

Client Manager

Don Wallingford - Client ManagerDon Wallingford - Omaha, NE

Don Wallingford

Client Manager


Mike Comstock - LaboraMike Comstock - Omaha, NE

Mike Comstock

Laboratory Manager

Brooke Dutton - RecruiterBrooke Dutton - Omaha, NE

Brooke Dutton


Ryan Haney - RecruiterBlake King & Ryan Haney Funny - Omaha, NE

Ryan Haney


Abby Hansen - Account ManagerAbby Hansen - Omaha, NE

Abby Hansen

Account Manager

Casie Jessen - RecruiterCasie Jessen - Omaha, NE

Casie Jessen


J Johnson - Account ManagerJ Johnson - Omaha, NE

J Johnson

Account Manager

Matt McVeigh - Account ManagerMatt McVeigh - Omaha, NE

Matt McVeigh

Account Manager

Patty Novak - Social Media RecruiterJessica, Patty & Payton - Social Media Squad

Patty Novak

Social Media Recruiter

Jared Renken - Recruitment InternJared Renken - Omaha, NE

Jared Renken

Recruiting Intern

Brett Robertson - Account ManagerBrett Robertson - Omaha, NE

Brett Robertson

Account Manager

Amy Shafer - Account ManagerAmy Shafer - Omaha, NE

Amy Shafer

Account Manager

Dan Tefft - Account ManagerDan Tefft - Omaha, NE

Dan Tefft

Account Manager


Ray Petty - Team LeadRay Petty - Omaha, NE

Ray Petty

Radiology and Rehab Therapy Manager

Jed Dankert - RecruiterJed Dankert - Omaha, NE

Jed Dankert

Account Manager

Chelsey Davis - RecruiterChelsey Davis - Omaha, NE

Chelsey Davis

Account Manager

Todd Dross - Account ManagerTodd Dross - Account Manager

Todd Dross

Account Manager

Jessica Johnson - Social Media RecruiterJessica, Patty & Payton - Social Media Squad

Jessica Johnson

Social Media Recruiter

Kory Kidd - Account ManagerKory Kidd - Bacon Enthusiast

Kory Kidd

Account Manager

Sarah Kirkpatrick - RecruiterSarah Kirkpatrick - Omaha, NE

Sarah Kirkpatrick

Account Manager

Olan Kline - Account ManagerOlan Kline - Omaha, NE

Olan Kline

Account Manager

Kelly Murphy - Account ManagerKelly Murphy - Omaha, NE

Kelly Murphy

Account Manager

Bart Parks - Account ManagerBart Parks - Account Manager

Bart Parks

Account Manager

Ryan Rolfzen - RecruiterRyan Rolfzen - Omaha, NE

Ryan Rolfzen

Account Manager

Dino Sgourakis - Account ManagerDino Sgourakis - Omaha, NE

Dino Sgourakis

Account Manager

Neal Stevens - Account ManagerNeal Stevens - Omaha, NE

Neal Stevens

Account Manager

Mike Tinker - Account ManagerMike Tinker - Omaha, NE

Mike Tinker

Account Manager

Rehab Therapy

Ray Petty - Team LeadRay Petty - Omaha, NE

Ray Petty

Radiology and Rehab Therapy Manager

Marcus Benzel - Social Media RecruiterMarcus Benzel - Omaha, NE

Marcus Benzel

Social Media Recruiter

Sydney Gress - Student Outreach RecruiterSydney Gress - Omaha, NE

Sydney Gress

Student Outreach Coordinator

Bre Koehler - Account ManagerBre Koehler - Omaha, NE

Bre Koehler

Account Manager

Amanda Murray - RecruiterAmanda Murray - Omaha, NE

Amanda Murray

Account Manager

David Proffitt - Account ManagerDavid Proffitt - Omaha, NE

David Proffitt

Account Manager

Louis Teal - Social Media RecruiterLouis Teal - Omaha, NE

Louis Teal

Account Manager

Carla Vigness - Account ManagerCarla Vigness - Omaha, NE

Carla Vigness

Account Manager

Angie Yost - RecruiterAngie Yost - Omaha, NE

Angie Yost

Account Manager


Bill Halloran - Talent ManagerBill Halloran - Omaha, NE

Bill Halloran

Talent Manager

Dave Mohr - Payroll ManagerDave Mohr - Omaha, NE

Dave Mohr


Christina Schmitz - Account ManagerChristina Schmitz - Omaha, NE

Christina Schmitz

Credit & Treasury Supervisor

Chad Sideris - Digital Marketing ManagerChad Sideris

Chad Sideris

Digital Marketing Manager

Krystal Heim - Compliance Team LeadKrystal Heim - Omaha, NE

Krystal Heim

Compliance Team Lead

Ali Beasley - Compliance SpecialistAli Beasley - Omaha, NE

Ali Beasley

Compliance Specialist

Jaynaze Bonner - Compliance SpecialistJaynaze Bonner - Omaha, NE

Jaynaze Bonner

Compliance Specialist

Mickayla Crum - Compliance SpecialistMickayla Crum - Omaha, NE

Mickayla Crum

Compliance Specialist

Pam CurtisPam Curtis

Pam Curtis

Billing Supervisor

Natalie Dircks - Account SpecialistNatalie Dircks - Omaha, NE

Natalie Dircks

Accounting Specialist

Josh Galindo - Compliance SpecialistJosh Galindo - Omaha, NE

Josh Galindo

Compliance Specialist

Deb Gifford - Contract SpecialistDeb Gifford - Omaha, NE

Deb Gifford

Contract Specialist

Walter Green - Account ManagerWalter Green - Omaha, NE

Walter Green

System Administrator

Robin Griffith - Compliance SpecialistRobin Griffith - Omaha, NE

Robin Griffith

Compliance Specialist

Jessi Hansen - Technology SpecialistJessi Hansen - Omaha, NE

Jessi Hansen

Technology Specialist

Sydney Harden - Compliance SpecialistSydney Harden - Omaha, NE

Sydney Harden

Compliance Specialist

“I just want to write a review of my recruiter. She has been the best and most responsive recruiter I have worked with in my travel career. Every email is answered the same day. She has always shown great concern and care for me and my contract. We have developed a relationship which I strongly believe will continue beyond our professional association. She has been the best thing which has happened to this Travel Nurse in a long, long time.” -Paul, RN

Kelsey Harringa - Benefits AdministratorKelsey Harringa - Omaha, NE

Kelsey Harringa

Benefits Administrator

Erin Hockinson - Social Media SpecialistErin Hockinson - Omaha, NE

Erin Hockinson

Social Media Specialist

Brian Husbands - Payroll SupervisorBrian Husbands - Omaha, NE

Brian Husbands

Payroll Supervisor

Ingrid Johnson - Accounting SpecialistIngrid Johnson - Omaha, NE

Ingrid Johnson

Accounting Specialist

Rose King - Compliance SpecialistRose King - Omaha, NE

Rose King

Compliance Specialist

Amy Lett - Contract CoordinatorAmy Lett - Omaha, NE

Amy Lett

Contract Coordinator

Alicia Lewis - Operations SpecialistAlicia Lewis - Omaha, NE

Alicia Lewis

Partnerships Coordinator

Jen Lodes - Compliance SpecialistJen Lodes - Omaha, NE

Jen Lodes

Compliance Specialist

Keri Luckritz - Compliance SpecialistKeri Luckritz - Omaha, NE

Keri Luckritz

Compliance Specialist

Morgan Maloy - Accounting SpecialistMorgan Maloy - Omaha, NE

Morgan Maloy

Accounting Specialist

Darla Holliman - Accounting SpecialistDarla Holliman - Omaha, NE

Darla Mattice

Senior Accounting Specialist

Chad Oelke - Account SpecialistChad Oelke - Omaha, NE

Chad Oelke

Accounting Specialist

Julia Oliver - Operations SpecialistJulia Oliver - Omaha, NE

Julia Oliver

Operations Specialist

Cheryl Rankin - Accounts PayableCheryl Rankin - Omaha, NE

Cheryl Rankin

Accounts Payable

Kaleigh Smith - Operations AssociateKaleigh Smith - Omaha, NE

Kaleigh Smith

Operations Specialist

Courtney Stubbe - Compliance SpecialistCourtney Stubbe - Omaha, NE

Courtney Stubbe

Compliance Specialist

Emily Torticill - Compliance SpecialistEmily Torticill - Omaha, NE

Emily Torticill

Compliance Specialist

Kasey Urzendowski - Operations AnalystKasey Urzendowski - Omaha, NE

Kasey Urzendowski

Operations Analyst

Chris Wilcke - Billing SpecialistChris Wilcke - Omaha, NE

Chris Wilcke

Billing Specialist

More than Coworkers. At Triage, we’re Family.

Working at Triage means having people here in HQ and all over the country be part of your work family. If you want to know more about giving medical workers the opportunities they want and need.