Laboratory Personnel Licensure Requirements by State

Please note, this information is accurate at time of writing. If you find out that some of the fees and requirements are no longer accurate, please reach out to [email protected] with a correction.

National Interactive Map


  • State exam and meet education/training standards; Annual 12 hours CEU
  • Fee: $97 CLS, limited CLS, $97 renewals including $10 continuing education fee


  • National exams recognized; Bi-Annual 24 hours CEU
  • Fee: lnitial-CLS/CLT/Cytotech/Histotech/Supervisor $100 plus initial license Fee-$105 ($205 total); bi-annual renewal CLS/CLT/Cytotech/Histotech $136; Supervisor $160


  • NCA and ASCP BOR certification exams recognized; No annual CEU required
  • Fee: Lab Director $50; MT/CLS/CLT/Cytotech $40


  • National certification exams recognized; Annual 12 hours CEU
  • Fees: CLS/CLT/Cytotech/Histotech $65; Lab Assistant/Phlebotomist $40 for phlebotomist


  • National certification recognized; Annual 14 hours CEU
  • Fee:$100 (initial application); $45 (renewal)

Nevada: Lab Personnel Licensing/

  • National certification recognized; Annual 10 hours CEU
  • Fee: $50 initial; $25 renewal

New York:

  • Registration every 3 years
  • Fees: CLT Clinical Laboratory Technologist ($371) Certified Clinical Laboratory Technician CCLT ($263) Cytotechnologist ($371) Certified Histological Technician CHT ($263)

North Dakota:

  • National exams recognized; Bi-Annual 20 hours CEU
  • Fees: MT/CLS= $90 initial, $80 renewal; MLT/CL T= $70 initial, $60 renewal


  • National Certification recognized; No annual CEU required
  • Fee: $125 CLS, CLT; $35 for Cytotechnologist

West Virginia:

  • National exams recognized; Annual 10 hours CEU
  • Fee: $25 initial fee; $25 renewal fee annually

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