One Job Profile. Forever.

One Job Profile. Forever.

Working with Triage now comes with a
Profile-Back Guarantee

At Triage, we’re throwing down the gauntlet and challenging other healthcare staffing agencies to do whatever they can to make their travelers’ lives easier. Our partnership with Kamana Health aims to completely transform the healthcare staffing industry and we are here for it.


Enter Kamana.

Kamana’s founders knew they could find a better way to manage credentialing than carrying around an old dusty laptop and storing important docs in the camera reel on their phones. Kamana is a simple solution to a major pain point for all healthcare pros, not just travelers. And it didn’t exist until now.

Track. Store. Manage.

Let’s be clear—credentialing sucks for travelers. All agencies know it, but no one seemed to care enough to do anything about it. Until Kamana.

As we looked for a better way to manage our travelers’ compliance information, we found Kamana and its best-in-class compliance and credentialing platform. We knew immediately that we wanted to use Kamana’s technology portal to safely store traveler compliance info and resumes so we made it official and acquired Kamana in early 2021. Kamana keeps track of expiring credentials and sends a reminder to the healthcare professional when something is about to expire.

Kamana makes credentialing suck less. For Triage. For travelers. For everyone.

Universal. Protected. Free.

Travelers instantly saw the benefit of Kamana. Aside from the credentialing reminders, healthcare pros can create a universal digital profile that can be shared with agencies and facilities throughout the country—we call it a digital wallet. This profile houses everything in a secure location, which means that travelers can ditch the paper file they used to carry. Additionally, since everything is housed together in the free Kamana wallet, there’s no more searching multiple locations for files and photos of credentials. Travelers only need to upload their documents once and then everything is housed together in a protected environment.

We knew this would make it easier for healthcare pros to work with other agencies, but we moved forward with Kamana knowing that it was the right step to take for our travelers and our industry. At Triage, we are all about less talk, more action.

Siloed. Confidential.

Although Triage owns Kamana, Kamana still remains dedicated to privacy for its staffing agencies, healthcare professionals and facilities. All data is siloed and confidential and information is only shared with us if the healthcare pro decides to share it.

Profile-Back Guarantee.

“By using Kamana, we’re giving control back to the travelers. With the ability to share their information via the universal digital wallet, a traveler isn’t locked into an agency relationship that might not be working for them. After all, it’s their information, not ours. At Triage, we call it our Profile-Back Guarantee. If a traveler finds their agency isn’t willing to do that, they might consider looking for a new one,” says John Maaske, Triage CEO.

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