Healthcare Heroes

There is no doubt that healthcare providers are the front line of defense against the spread of COVID-19. Over the last few days, we’ve  been reminded how amazing it is to see medical pros run towards the outbreak, and not away from it.

Triage’s Commitment

We are committed to letting our travelers and facilities focus on what they do best–patient care. We are here to support you in every way we can. Our team is here for you:

  • Reach out to your recruiter
  • Call us at 800.259.9897
  • Email us directly with your questions or concerns at [email protected]

We will do our best to connect you with a real life person (24×7), until we are through this crisis.

Ready to Join the Effort

Triage Policy Reminders

Updated 7.26.21

Vaccines and Quarantine

Some facilities have started to communicate that the vaccine is or will be mandatory as a condition of employment. If you elect not to vaccinate, please work with your recruiter to find an assignment where it is not mandated.  

As the vaccine is now widely available, Triage is no longer offering quarantine pay if you are asked to quarantine by your facility. Any work hours missed due to quarantine will be unpaid.  

When receiving your vaccination, be sure to retain your proof of vaccination and send a copy to your recruiter. We will maintain this information with other credentialing documentation should it be needed. 

There will be no cost to you for the vaccine. However, you may be asked for your insurance information as some facilities may charge an administration fee for the vaccine which will be covered by your insurance company. Should you be uninsured, this fee can be covered by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Provider Relief Fund. 

Demographic and personally identifiable data may be requested as part of the vaccination process. This tracking is due to the emergency authorization use of the vaccines. Travelers should comply to the extent they are comfortable with the requests for data upon receipt of vaccine. 

Information will be distributed to anyone receiving the vaccine regarding any potential side effects prior to receiving their dose(s). If not readily available, travelers should ask for this information. Information for healthcare professionals can also be found on the CDC website. 

Social Distancing

We ask everyone be smart to stay safe. Please bide by the social distancing guidelines that you ask of your patients, family and friends. If you can’t work, you can’t provide necessary care. 

Send a Referral

At Triage, we are working to connect ready and able folks to the hospitals that need them. If you know someone who may be willing to help,  we are offering a referral bonus up to $750.


Rhode Island Department of Health COVID Vaccination Posting Requirement

Updated 09.03.21

In compliance with the Rhode Island Department of Health mandate to track and post COVID-19 vaccination rates for health care workers, Triage Staffing has provided the following data:

  • Percentage completed COVID-19 vaccination: 100%