You’re not applying for just any old job.

In fact, you’re not applying for a job at all. That comes later. First we want to find out a little bit more about you with this form, and then a lot more about what you want to do with your life (or at least your career) by actually speaking with you.

Triage Medical Staffing

Triage Medical Staffing specializes in finding 13-week assignments for nurses and allied healthcare professionals across the US. In the last year, we’ve been recognized as: the top reviewed staffing agency by, one of the Best Overall staffing agencies by The Gypsy Nurse, and one of the Top 10 Travel Healthcare companies by Highway Hypodermics.

We attribute these successes to our focus on the long-term. Triage recruiters strive to build relationships that are deeper than simple business transactions. If we know a gig by the ocean isn’t going to be a day at the beach, we want you to know that before you take the assignment. Our team adamantly believe this will earn your trust and keep you as a Triage traveler for the long haul.

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