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We’ll be real with you, so you’re ready for whatever an assignment may throw your way.

In the last year, Triage Medical Staffing has been recognized as a top medical staffing company by Bluepipes.com, The Gypsy Nurse and Highway Hypodermics. These awards are less about flashy badges and more a testament to our guiding principle in action: being real with you, so you can be ready for anything while on assignment. If that gig near the ocean is no day at the beach, we’ll tell you. We’ll put all the cards on the table, not only to earn your trust, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Why Travel with Triage


Turn in your timecard on time and you get paid weekly. How much you’ll get paid varies assignment-to-assignment. We strive to be as transparent as possible about this part of the process.


Housing is a major part of maximizing your earnings. You determine how this component of your package is built—we can find your housing for you, or simply provide you a tax- free stipend and you do the legwork.


Triage offers all benefits you’d expect from a permanent position: medical, dental, vacation time, and day-one 401(k). We are always exploring new and interesting ways to make working at Triage your best bet. Suggestions welcome.

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