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“My impression of the travel conference is once again outstanding. It’s so nice to get to put faces with names – having this be by 3rd year at the conference, it’s always great to see travelers again as well as meeting new ones!” -Robyn

“The travel conference is always a great time! It is always fun to see the familiar faces from year to year and also get to meet the new Dreamers and help make their dream a reality with traveling!” – Mandy

“I am super proud of Team Triage this year!! Our recruiters worked very hard to create a great experience at our booth and the Travelers showed up in force! It was great to see my favorite Gypsy RN’s AND see so many new faces this year.” – Erik

“I was unsure of what to expect heading into TravCon2016 being it was my first time attending. However, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful travelers and even more dreamers! The conference gave me a better understanding of what travelers are truly looking for in a recruiter and I’m excited to build upon this experience to differentiate myself from the average recruiter!” -Audrey

Mandy Lofgren - Omaha, NEMandy Lofgren - Omaha, NE

Mandy Lofgren

Nursing Recruiting Manager

Kerrie Mockelstrom - Client ManagerKerrie Mockelstrom - Client Manager

Kerrie Mockelstrom

Team Lead - Client Manager

Jason Sagehorn - RecruiterJason Sagehorn - Omaha, NE

Jason Sagehorn

Team Lead - Recruiter

Alicia Allis - RecruiterAlicia Allis - Omaha, NE

Alicia Allis


Jesse Adams - RecruiterJesse Adams - Omaha, NE

Jesse Adams


Amy Baack - Client ManagerAmy Baack - Omaha, NE

Amy Baack

Client Manager

Greg Beebe - RecruiterGreg Beebe - Omaha, NE

Greg Beebe


Jacob Behrns - RecruiterJacob Behrns - Omaha, NE

Jacob Behrns


Tara Benge - RecruiterTara Benge - Omaha, NE

Tara Benge


Meg Bianchi - RecruiterMeg Bianchi - Omaha, NE

Meg Bianchi


Veronica Burgueno - RecruiterVeronica Burgueno - Omaha, NE

Veronica Burgueno


Michael Clark - RecruiterMichael Clark - Omaha, NE

Michael Clark


Brett Conrad - RecruiterBrett Conrad - Omaha, NE

Brett Conrad


Liem Doan - Client ManagerLiem Doan - Omaha, NE

Liem Doan

Client Manager

Jack Douglas - RecruiterJack Douglas - Omaha, NE

Jack Douglas


Audrey Futryk - RecruiterAudrey Futryk - Omaha, NE

Audrey Futryk


Jill Haney - Social Media RecruiterJill Haney - Omaha, NE

Jill Haney

Social Media Recruiter

Katie Hinkle - RecruiterKatie Hinkle - Omaha, NE

Katie Hinkle


Devon Howe - RecruiterDevon Howe - Omaha, NE

Devon Howe


Kendra Inness - Account ManagerKendra Inness - Omaha, NE

Kendra Inness

Client Manager

Marc Jergovic - Client ManagerMarc Jergovic - Omaha, NE

Marc Jergovic

Client Manager

Kayla Johnson - RecruiterKayla Johnson - Omaha, NE

Kayla Johnson


Lisa Kallhoff - RecruiterLisa Kallhoff - Omaha, NE

Lisa Kallhoff


Abby Keiss - RecruiterAbby Keiss - Omaha, NE

Abby Keiss


Blake King - RecruiterBlake King & Ryan Haney Funny - Omaha, NE

Blake King


Kassandra McKinney - RecruiterKassandra McKinney - Omaha, NE

Kassandra McKinney


Miranda Parks - Nursing AssistantMiranda Parks - Omaha, NE

Miranda Parks

Nursing Team Assistant

Payton Parks - Social Media RecruiterJessica, Patty & Payton - Social Media Squad

Payton Parks

Social Media Recruiter

Amber PetersAmber Peters

Amber Peters


Jenny Pfannenstiel - RecruiterJenny Pfannenstiel - Omaha, NE

Jenny Pfannenstiel


Lydia Philippe - RecruiterLydia Philippe - Omaha, NE

Lydia Philippe


Sarah Price - RecruiterSarah Price - Omaha, NE

Sarah Price


Cory Queen - RecruiterCory Queen - Omaha, NE

Cory Queen


Robyn Reinig - RecruiterRobyn Reinig - Omaha, NE

Robyn Reinig


Brandon Roell - RecruiterBrandon Roell- Omaha, NE

Brandon Roell


Meghan Lange - RecruiterMeghan Lange - Omaha, NE

Meghan Sather


Brittany Schaben - RecruiterBrittany Schaben - Omaha, NE

Brittany Schaben


Diedre Simpson - RecruiterDiedre Simpson - Omaha, NE

Dierdre Simpson


Terry Thompson - Account ManagerTerry Thompson - Omaha, NE

Terry Thompson

Client Manager

Don Wallingford - Client ManagerDon Wallingford - Omaha, NE

Don Wallingford

Client Manager

Travel Nurse Tips, Links & Resources

Find links for each state’s licensing information, important tax and health forms, certifications and nursing organizations to help you in your pre-contract, on-contract and post-contract work. As always, follow our blog to stay current with trends, traveling nursing jobs and all things #travelnurse!

Did you know? Triage travel nurses receive full benefits including Dental, Vision and Education. Read all about our benefits here.

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