What People Are Saying About Payton Parks

Payton, you’re legitimately one of the best people Ive ever encountered in this industry. So many ppl get cold when yu dont choose their company but youve been amazing and understanding and super encouraging both times. Youre a light in what can become a dark and cut throat world. Never lose that. I sooo appreciate it so i kno others do as well. ❤️❤️❤️

RaeVonn K

Payton is a kick butt recruiter that won’t stop until she finds you a job! She’s very real and direct when discussing openings with nurses & techs. She won’t overpromise & under deliver. She genuinely cares about her travelers too 😊 If you want someone that’s committed to finding you a job, Payton is your girl!

Jill H

It all started with a ‘like’ on a Facebook post. From there, Payton messaged me and gauged my interest. I was hooked; working with her has been an amazing experience. She’s been incredibly supportive, kind, and fast to get me any and all information that I need. I’m happy that she was a part of my Triage team – I’ve always felt like a member of the family and Payton was pivotal to that.

Jodi C

If you’re ready, let’s get started.