What People Are Saying About Neal Stevens

This is my first assignment with Triage but Neal has made it really great. All my questions are answered quickly and you don’t get the runaround (call this extension for this problem and that extension for that problem). Definitely want future work with this company.

Kady B

I have enjoyed my first experience with triage this far. Neal has been an excellent recruiter and has made the transition as smooth as possible. I will continue to work with them until I decide to settle back down, which that may not be any time soon!

Candace M

I’ve been a registered Rad Tech a little over a year now. As I approached my first year anniversary I began to reach out to staffing agencies. I formulated relationships with three agencies I won’t name:). For over two-three months, I was unable to be placed. Now that I recall, I never even got an interview! I knew experience was part of the reason, but surely after training and working solely for a Level 1 Trauma center, I’d at least get an INTERVIEW! Nope. A friend of mine that was leaving the facility we were coworkers at told me about Triage. Then she told me about this awesome recruiter she worked with named Neal Stevens. Well I held on to the card with Triage and Neal’s contact information and sat on it. Still holding out for the other guys, I guess. When I finally called Neal and gave him all my info, things happened so quickly I almost backed out. When I did my part(which I was slooow to do), Neal immediately began shopping me around an within two weeks I was on the phone with managers interviewing for my first assignment. I got a call from Neal the same day telling me I’d successfully secured my first assignment! Neal has been here every step of the way. If anything goes wrong, he’s right there ready and willing to help. He is totally a boss at what he does. He connected me with some of the best landlords and one of the best facilities I could ask for. I had a health scare my third day on the job, and Neal was on the mission of reassuring that “I” was ok. I can’t thank him and Triage enough for this opportunity. If you are considering an agency, then you shouldn’t waste your time calling anyone but Triage. Ask for Neal, and tell him Willie W sent ya! You will get the royal family treatment, no question about it!

Willie W

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