What People Are Saying About Kelly Murphy

I love the travel aspect of the job and have made many good friends as a result of the jobs I’ve gotten through Triage. I have a great recruiter. Kelly wants you to be happy and content in your role.


I took my first travel job a couple years ago through triage and I have not been happier! Kelly is an amazing recruiter! Always an email or phone call away. Being able to travel has made it so I can run my own business on the side. I highly recommend this company they truly are there for their employees!

Kathryn A

Amazing recruiter amazing assignments. Thanks Kelly Murphy for everything!

Annie A

Triage Staffing is the first company I’ve worked with for an allied health career. Mr Kelly made the entire process extremely easy, he is very easy to get ahold of and will promptly answer all questions, or point you to the exact person who knows the answer.
All of my first-time travel worries were acknowledged and smoothed over quickly, and with how easy and stress-free the process was, I’m already looking forward to where my next assignment with triage Staffing will take me!
My first travel assignment has been a great success and a breeze due to Triage Staffing’s diligent workers and their care and hard work for their clients! Thank you!

Claire D

Triage helped me branch out of my permanent position into the world of traveling unknown, comfortably and like it was natural. Kelly was especially easy to get a hold of and speak to about anything that came up, but honestly, he did his job behind the scenes so well, not a lot came up. I knew what I needed to do as it came up! My weeks were always paid, my contracts were always early and all the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed. I can’t wait to see where triage can lead me into the future!

Sarah M

This is my first travel company. I’m very pleased with my choice. My recruiter Kelly Murphy is very knowledgeable and helpful. Every question I asked has been answered. Looking forward to working with him and company.

Oksana L

I have been traveling for about 1.5yrs now and there are several names/company(s) I learned of through seasoned traveler friends and have kept them in my “travelers’ bible”… Kelly Murphy is one of those recruiter names and I have FINALLY had opportunity to work with him. I will say that it was NOT a typical situation- a contract was ending, I’d been offered an extension, I did not want to stay with my current company, sought Kelly out and laid this potentially muddy situation at his feet. And I can tell ALL reading this– Kelly rose to the occasion, offered professional experience, thoughts, wisdom, never once pressured me to go with Triage and when I chose to move forward with him, he remained absolutely professional and assisted me whenever possible to make this transition possible. And I will add NEVER through all of this has he taken this “freebie” contract/traveler for granted. Kelly Murphy, you are a rockstar in my “traveler bible” and I look forward to a long working relationship. Thank you & thank you Triage!

Heidi S

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