What People Are Saying About Alicia Allis

Triage Staffing is definitely the best company I have worked for, and I would highly recommend them to anyone that is thinking about traveling within their healthcare profession. My recruiter, Alicia is easy to work with, honest, and always available whenever I reach out to her. I try to send all of my co-workers her way for future assignments.

Travel Nurse Central

Took a leap, chose Triage. Haven’t had a problem and just now reupped. Alicia has been great to deal with the whole time, even if I have been picky on assignments.

Travel Nurse Central

Alicia Allis is the best recruiter I have had in my travel iourneys. She is available always. Great sense of humor and personable. We have become friends who have never met face to face. She is incredible!

Travel Nurse Central

I highly recommend Triage Staffing and will continue to work for them for the years to come. I have zero complaints of any of the staff at the agency from the Owner, John, to my recruiter, Alicia, to the compliance officer, Rose, and everyone in between. Everyone of them know their jobs and perform them as should be. Every one is easily reached and available at all times. I am proud to say I work for Triage and Triage works for me.

Travel Nurse Central

Triage has really been great ! they are very diligent and quick working to find you an assignment all while not pressuring you. Veronica and Alicia have been great they made my first assignment in Omaha, Nebraska such a smooth transition. They are on the hospitals case to get you info into the right hands !! I definitely plan to keep using Triage during my traveling career ! Thanks y’all !!!

Rachel S

Triage Staffing stands head and shoulders above all others in the industry. I have worked for Triage since summer of 2016. They found me a contract when my current agency at the time could not. Triage has done nothing but pump out contract after contract without me ever missing a day. Everyone from the compliance officers to the recruiters to even the owners have went above and beyond to make working at Triage simple and enjoyable. If you are considering travel nursing look no further than Alicia Allis at Triage Staffing. She has worked in the industry for years, is never caught off guard and is always a step ahead of the process to get you your next contract.

Thomas Y

Alicia Allis at Triage has always been supportive and accessible. I started traveling last July and Alicia found a wonderful place for me to start my traveling career again. She is honest and looks out for me as a person, not just another placement. I recommend Alicia if you are looking for a great recruiter.

Karen H

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