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Welcome to Triage Staffing’s Travel Medical Lab page. Below you will find all the pertinent information related to medical lab tech jobs. Bookmark this page so you can easily access open positions, read our latest blog posts or find the necessary resources to start your next travel assignment.


Med Lab Technologists: The Unsung Heroes

When we hear “hero,” we think capes and rescuing citizens from peril. Guess what, dear medical lab technician, we know that you’re saving lives in your lab coat. Continue.


Medical and Laboratory Technologist and Technician Stats

These positions are great for the traveling medical profession and we have open positions all the time. Check out these stats! Continue.

Why Everyone Should be a Traveling Medical Pro at Least Once

An adventure! An escapade! Living life on the capital E.D.G.E. while working at a job you love (plus getting paid to explore a new city.) You in yet? Continue.

Mike Comstock - Account ManagerMike Comstock - Triage Lab Team

Mike Comstock

Team Lead - Account Manager

Walter Green - Account ManagerWalter Green - Lab Team

Walter Green

Account Manager

Abby Hansen - Account ManagerAbby Hansen

Abby Hansen

Account Manager

Casie Jessen OmahaCasie Jessen Recruiter

Casie Jessen


J JohnsonJ Johnson

J Johnson

Account Manager

Matt McVeighMatt McVeigh

Matt McVeigh

Account Manager

John QuickJohn Quick

John Quick

Account Manager

Brett RobertsonBrett Robertson Funny

Brett Robertson

Account Manager

Amy Shafer

Amy Shafer

Account Manager

Dan TefftDan Tefft

Dan Tefft

Account Manager

Lauren WilsonLauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson

Team Admin

Medical Lab Tech Useful Links

Find links for each state’s licensing information, important tax and health forms, certifications and organizations to help you in your pre-contract, on-contract and post-contract work. As always, follow our blog to stay current with trends, traveling lab tech jobs and all things #travelmedicalpro!

Did you know? Triage travel lab techs receive full benefits including Dental, Vision and Education. Read all about our benefits here.

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