Why Medical Travelers Choose Triage

At Triage, our values are extremely important to us. We pride ourselves on honest service, availability and empathy. Some of our travelers have been with us since the beginning, some for a while and others are brand new. Your tenure doesn’t matter here because at Triage, we consider our travelers family.

We always appreciate receiving feedback from our travelers and like to ask, “why do you enjoy working with Triage?” After reading response after response, it’s really gratifying to hear that our traveling medical professionals love to work with our recruiters, account managers and agency. We just wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorites with you.

We Treat Travelers Just Like Family

We’ve learned from decades in the medical staffing and travel nurse agency game that success without values doesn’t last. We care about the people in our offices and the travelers we place in medical facilities. When you travel with Triage, you’re part of the family! See what some of our travelers have said about working with us:

“There are many reasons to travel with Triage. One of the most important reasons, I believe (besides the fantastic recruiters Ray and Kelly), is that Triage understands that even though we are travelers, life happens. We have families we have to take care of and emergencies do occur. Triage will always do what is best for me and the facility I am working with. I am a daughter, sister, niece and cousin, not just a traveler.” – Kristi, Sonographer

“Triage is a great company, everyone is so friendly and helpful. It has always felt like a family business, rather than just being another cog in the wheel.” – Kate, Travel Nurse

“The fact that no matter how large the company becomes, it treats me as an individual and works with me.” – Phil, Respiratory Therapist

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Amazing Company—Amazing Employees

Our account managers focus solely on matching the right opportunity with the right medical professional. From our founding team to our accounting and compliance department, everyone at Triage is dedicated to your career success. Find out what our travelers had to say about our account managers:

“Triage actually found me, but I am so glad they did. I was looking for a new agency and had big dreams of going to California. Triage turned out to be an amazing company that fit all of my needs. I found an amazing recruiter who was honest, transparent, always looked out for my best interests and didn’t mind talking for hours trying to find me the perfect contract. Triage has always exceeded my expectations in every way.” – Kayla, Registered Nurse

“My recruiter David is the best!” – Jessica, Occupational Therapist

“I was introduced to Triage through a childhood friend who is awesome and also a traveler. She suggested the company to me and connected me with Carla. The rest is history. Carla has been incredible to work with every step of the way. Everyone I have had the pleasure of working with through Triage has been helpful, kind and hardworking.” – Crysalis, Occupational Therapist

“My amazing recruiter!” – Donna, Laboratory Professional

“I have a great relationship with my recruiter, Angie. I think honesty and communication are the key to success in traveling jobs, and I’ve always had that with Angie.” – Corrie, Physical Therapist.

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“Well, I had contemplated traveling for 2 years, read up on it and did some research. I made a list of companies and decided what would be my deciding factor in choosing a specific company. It came down to the recruiter. A recruiter is to a staffing agency like an RN is to a hospital, the backbone of patient care. Robyn was the only recruiter that gave me her personal cell number out of the 23 companies/recruiters I interviewed. I felt at ease knowing I would be able to reach her day, night and weekends in the event I needed her. I have been with her and Triage ever since and have no reason to shop around. Why do I need multiple companies when I have the best in ONE.” – Jawana, Travel Nurse

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