Why Every Traveling Healthcare Pro Should Have LinkedIn

We all love social media. It helps us stay up-to-date and connected even if you’re a traveling healthcare pro and happen to spend every 12 weeks in a new place. As you move from one assignment to another your favorite network should most certainly be LinkedIn. In fact, it’s almost a necessity to have an account in order to connect with employers and recruiters when you couldn’t possibly shake hands. Still not convinced? Check out these reasons why every traveling healthcare pro should have a LinkedIn profile!

Put your name out there

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Sounds like a good place to find potential candidates and employees, right? Especially when it comes to placing professionals all around the country. Why wouldn’t recruiters go where everyone has their skills, experience, and possible affiliations conveniently listed?

As a traveling healthcare pro, use this to your advantage! Make it easy for yourself so your name and profile pops up when they’re searching for the perfect candidate. A LinkedIn account significantly raises your chances of being found so don’t miss out on some easy exposure and the ability to be found for your kin expertise!

Find out more

You’re not necessarily actively looking for a new job, but still trying to find that special somewhere? If you’ve always dreamed of going to work for a large hospital on the East Coast or a small clinic in the Midwest, you should still have a LinkedIn profile because chances are that facility (and their recruiters) probably has one too. By using LinkedIn, you can find more about these places and what experience you need, or if it’s even a professional fit for you. You’ll have the ability to follow those different companies and stay up to date on their job openings. You could even get a look into their company culture and know what it’s like to work there!

Boost your network

Whether you’re looking for a new position or not, LinkedIn is the perfect place to help you boost your network and connect with others that could potentially help you in the future. Connecting with other travelers that have more experience could help ease out some nerves and snag some great advice. You can also connect with people that can give you real, sound guidance in your profession instead of just asking Siri. There are dozens of LinkedIn groups, if not hundreds, that are particular to the healthcare profession. Join groups and start chatting! Answer questions and ask your own. You’ll surely learn something new and make connections in the process. Recruiters will take notice and so will potential employers as they’ll see you’re active in the healthcare community (and even a bit tech-savvy!), which is always a plus.

As you travel, advance your career by still building your network and exposing your name. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Be found for your expertise and knowledge that is all conveniently listed for recruiters right there on your LinkedIn profile.

Already have an expert profile? What are some of your tips for new travelers?