Triage Turns 11 | What Travelers Love About Triage

Some of our travelers have been with us since the beginning, some for a while, some are new and some are still looking. It doesn’t matter your tenure at Triage we consider our travelers family. On Tuesday, February 7th we celebrated 11 years of business! There have been a lot of exciting new happenings Triage, but what remains the same is our dedication to our travelers. You are the center of it all and we are so excited to celebrate our 11th birthday with you.

We have been overwhelmed with happiness because of the outpour of amazing reviews that you have left us. In celebration of our birthday, we want to share some of our recent reviews with you!

Triage Staffing has been a wonderful company to work for! Specifically, my recruiter, Abby K. is absolutely the hardest working, goes the extra mile, kindest person I have ever met! There is nothing this lady doesn’t do to help her nurses! She is just awesome, as are the other Triage staff people I have had contact with! Great company! – Elizabeth M.

Thank you, Elizabeth! Abby is such a wonderful addition to our recruitment team and we are so happy that you are just as pleased with her as we are.

Triage is a fantastic company! As a smaller company, in my experience they were able to find job listings quicker than some of the larger travel companies and really work to meet the needs and requests of their therapists. I really liked how I only worked with one recruiter no matter what state I was looking for a job in! Carla from Triage is the best and she truly cares about your success and satisfaction! – Jackie V.

Jackie, thank you for your kind words! We always strive to provide you and all our traveling therapists with the absolute best. We are very happy to know that Carla has been there for you!

I have worked with Triage for 2.5 years. My experience has been good and I would recommend Triage to anyone who is looking for a reputable travel company. I trust my recruiter and all the other administrative staff is helpful. – Michael M.

Michael, thank you very much for recommending us and for speaking so highly of our recruiters and administrative staff.

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I have been traveling since March of 2016 and I absolutely love Triage!! My recruiter Mandy is absolutely amazing! I never go more than a day without an answer to a question and have never had to remind or beg or pester her or anyone else about resolving any issues that come up. I have no desire to work with anyone except Triage! – Brittany G.

Brittany, Triage loves you too! We try to be available to our Travelers as often as possible. Clearly, Mandy is outstanding, but we appreciate your kind words!

I have worked for Triage at 2 different sites, both excellent experiences. My recruiter, Derek, was always helpful & available for anything I needed in the field. The entire team at Triage seems very committed to helping when you need direction- from locating a site to get an immunization to accessing a rental car- the Triage team accomplishes the goal! – Lori M.

Lori you should always expect us to take care of the little details to ensure that your travel experiences are as easy as possible. Thank you for your kind words. David and the entire team here at Triage appreciate you!

I am a new therapist and have been working with Carla V. at Triage Staffing for a few months now. She has been awesome to work with and has gone above and beyond for me in so many ways and is everything I could have hoped for in a recruiter. When my license was late to transfer due to processing issues, she personally made phone calls for me to expedite the processes and ensured that I wouldn’t miss my intended start date. Carl and everyone at Triage Staffing has definitely earned a five star rating and I would personally recommend them to anyone! – Erik S.

Hello, Erik! Thank you very much for choosing Triage as your first home. We are here to make sure you are taken care of. We will continue to work hard to impress you!

I have worked with Carla V. off and on for 8 years. She is top notch and I would consider her a friend. She makes the effort to stay in touch and keep me apprised of what’s in the works. Whatever would I do without Carla? She’s just awesome. – Taylor J. R.

Carla IS top notch! We are happy to hear that you are in constant communication with your recruiter and that you are reached out to often enough to call Carla your friend. Thank you for your support of Triage.

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