Triage Staffing’s Traveler of the Month: Jessica W. – Occupational Therapist

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We have many Traveling Medical Professionals all over the country that work in some very cool locations. Being part of the Triage team means you’re part of our family and to celebrate our family, we decided to feature one of our traveling medical professionals each month on our blog and through our social media channels. Let’s get to know each other a little better!

Meet Jessica, an OT Traveler that’s been traveling for almost 6 years now!

“Jessica has been with Triage since 2011 and she has been one of those therapists who took advantage of traveling to expand her skill set. She came from an inpatient rehab hospital prior to traveling, and has been able to become an excellent outpatient OT from multiple assignments in the outpatient setting. Now she is a very well-rounded OT and a triple threat (acute, rehab and outpatient)!   

Jessica just lost her travel partner a few weeks ago – her dog Maggie. She has hung around in her current assignment and while I know it must be painful for her, she is pushing forward and it shows me how much she has grown since I first met her.” – David Proffitt, Rehab Recruiter

We asked Jessica to answer a few questions about working at Triage, what her biggest accomplishment is, her favorite cartoon growing up and a few other questions to give us a better look into what Jessica is all about! Here are her responses:

How long have you been traveling? 5 years and 5 months

Why Triage? My recruiter David Proffitt is the best!

What accomplishment are you most proud of? In the traveling world; I’d have to say trying out outpatient rehab and getting out of my comfort zone. In the perspective of life; I chose a profession I love, and beat all odds that others (old middle school principal) thought I could not handle due to my hearing impairment. Another ongoing accomplishment is to continue to look at my character defects and make changes. It’s tough to make a change but it can happen.

How do you spend your days off? Well, Maggie Mae (My dog who just went to heaven) and I were always exploring the area, so now I will continue the tradition of trying out new activities in each new area, but especially the new trails with my bike.

What is the one food you could never give up? Gosh never thought about this one. It’s boring but there is nothing better than a good apple. 🙂

What is one thing still on your bucket list? Sleeping in a pagoda in Japan with Cherry trees in bloom.

Describe yourself using 3 fictional characters. This is a tough question… Julia (Drew Barrymore in Wedding singer), Cinderella, and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, I can be a badass when needed. LOL

If you were famous, what would you be famous for? Integrity

Who is your celebrity crush? Crush would have to be Tom Hardy, I also love Anthony Hopkins but for his integrity and amazing acting abilities.

Who is your favorite band/musician? Pearl Jam and Blue October

What fortune do you hope comes in your next fortune cookie? To be able to spend a vacation in Hawaii with my love Shayne.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up? Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes.

Which of the seven dwarfs is most like you? I’d have to say Happy. I’m usually pretty happy, but I will admit the world these days is turning me into Grumpy.

If you were stuck at one age forever, what age would you want to be? Why? 40 years old, because I’ve already accomplished so much, and am still young enough to make more accomplishments. But mostly you are free and young enough to keep exploring.

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