Triage Staffing Recognized #2 Best Travel Nursing Companies of 2017 by BluePipes

Have you heard? Our dedication to our traveling healthcare heroes is award-winning! Triage Staffing received recognition on BluePipes list of Best Travel Nursing Companies to work for in 2017. If you travel with us, you probably aren’t surprised by this tremendous news considering our devoted service and astonishing employee benefits. Take a look at how we scored spot #2 on this honorary list.

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Nurse to Company Ratios

On past lists similar to this one, rankings weren’t properly reviewed, allowing for more qualified companies to fall through the cracks. The way BluePipes broke it down was the nurse to company ratios nationwide. Essentially, there were about 32,000 travel nurses in 2016 with over 300 available healthcare staffing companies to employ them. This averages out to roughly 100 travel nurses per agency. Although, some staffing agencies are larger (or smaller) than others, meaning hundreds of staffing agencies are working with an average of 50 travel nurses in one year.

This means fewer chances for smaller agencies to receive reviews from their nurses, i.e. a smaller sample size.

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How BluePipes Evaluates the Best Companies

BluePipes acknowledges there are many places for employees to leave reviews on their company experiences. “One company may look amazing on one platform and horrible on another. We refer to this as ‘rating-service-disparity,’” said Kyle Schmidt at BluePipes.

BluePipes changed the way travel nursing companies are evaluated by reviewing six services to gather a hardy sample size. Data was collected between June 7th and June 13th of 2017 from the following sites:

  1. Highway Hypodermics (Company Evaluations)
  2. Travel Nursing Central
  3. Travel Nursing Blogs
  4. Facebook
  5. Glassdoor
  6. Indeed

The rating scales on each of these sources vary from 20 point scales to 5-star rating scales, which BluePipes gathered into a 100-point scale.

“It’s easier to conceptualize how well a company is performing if we know they received a score of 90 as opposed to a score of 4.5 (which is the same as 90). A score of 90 is easy to associate with an A- grade,” Schmidt said.

How to Qualify

This year was the first year BluePipes changed the way travel nurse companies were evaluated for awards such as this one – which means they had two staple requirements:

  1. Have 50+ reviews from all 6 sources they gathered data from
  2. Currently in business

BluePipes reported in future evaluations, further requirements will be necessary, such as specified number of reviews submitted in prior years, largely impacting the results.

We’re honored to be a part of this list. Our #1 mission is to provide the best for our travelers, it’s fantastic to receive recognition for our ongoing, daily efforts.

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