Traveling Nursing with Family for Work: How to Prepare

Work/life balance can be a difficult thing to maintain. However, if you’re a healthcare traveler bringing your family with you on assignment is a great way to help manage the demands of both your personal/professional life. Here are a few points you’ll want to consider before you decide to bring your family on your next assignment.

Experience your next travel assignment with your family and ensure you are prepared with these top tips:
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Start by Finding a Home That’s Fit for Your Family

finding a home

One of the greatest keys to maintaining a sense of normalcy while traveling with your family is finding a home in your destination city that can accommodate your lifestyle. The larger your family, the more space you’ll require, obviously, but you’ll also want to take other factors into consideration, like the specific features/amenities of your temporary home, its location, etc.

Ready Yourself for Mixed Emotions

It’s entirely possible that you’ll feel conflicted before bringing your family with you on assignment. Sure, it’s a wonderful opportunity, but you might also experience some guilt over dragging the whole clan along with you to a new city.

On the flipside, your family might relish in the opportunity to stay together while you’re on assignment, but may feel uneasy about leaving the place they normally call home behind. Don’t be so hard on yourselves.

Take the time before your trip to work out delicate emotions with your family. Nothing will sour an assignment faster than unresolved family issues bubbling to the surface while you’re just a few weeks in at your new destination.

Be Prepared to Manage Your Family’s Expectations

There will be opportunities for fun during your assignment, but your work is your primary objective and you’ll need to regulate your family’s expectations before you head to your destination. Make your responsibilities and schedule clear, while simultaneously carving out time to spend with your loved ones exploring your new city and making memories.

Develop a “Parenting Plan” With Your Spouse/Partner

Having a routine for your children at home might be a no-brainer, but it’s an easy thing to let lapse once you’re working hard in an unfamiliar setting. Take the time to coordinate with your partner beforehand, establishing who will be responsible for what and how you will maintain that delicate balance between discipline and fun while you’re on assignment.

The Varied Benefits of Traveling with Family for Work

travel with family

If you decide to bring your family on your next assignment, you’ll likely find it an enriching experience. We mentioned mixed emotions earlier; taking your family with you will alleviate any guilt associated with  leaving your family when  you’re on away on business.

Beyond that, though, traveling with your family will give you the opportunity to share in new experiences, and will provide your children with a chance to expand their horizons. Traveling to new locales builds soft skills like respect, organization, and responsibility; your children will benefit from these in the long run.

At Triage Staffing, we’re all about making sure our travelers can succeed on assignment — whether they have their family in tow or not. Be sure to contact us to learn more, and check our allied and travel nurse jobs page if you’re interested in joining our family.