Why Traveling for Work Makes You More Marketable

Being a traveling healthcare professional comes with a wide array of benefits, but the most prominent might be the potential for career enhancement.

Hitting the road for work opens the doors to new skills, new professional relationships and various resources that can serve almost any interested healthcare worker and put them farther down their chosen career path.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the four main ways in which work travel can make for a more marketable healthcare professional, and how travelers can maximize these potential career-boosting benefits.

Explore the top four ways work travel can make you a more marketable healthcare professional with sought after skills and vital experience:
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You Develop Important Skills

Traveling is like a teacher unto itself. Having to stay on the move means thinking in advance and helps to improve critical work skills like time management, stress management, visualization, teamwork, creative thinking, decision making and problem solving.

These crucial skills don’t just help workers become better at getting from assignment to assignment, though. They bleed over from travel into work, giving travel workers an edge over their “stationary” counterparts when it comes to exercising certain abilities.


As with any kind of job, there’s more than one approach to the many roles that occupy healthcare. Performing duties as a traveling professional gives workers exposure to all these potential viewpoints (and then some).


In addition to becoming familiar with the “many ways to skin a cat,” working with so many different kinds of people allow traveling workers to navigate a range of personality types, even those that others might consider a bit prickly.

Beyond that, traveling and meeting disparate groups of healthcare professionals expands a travel worker’s network of contacts beyond what it would be if they were to work in permanent locations. More often than not, knowing colleagues across a large area provides access to more opportunities than having a smaller, localized network ever could.

You Gain Knowledge and Experience

Traveling for work gives professionals access to a wide knowledge pool than they’ll find almost anywhere else. Schools and permanent positions don’t compare, as traveling cycles workers through new locations and new facilities that will have the newest gear, techniques and methodologies.

The result? Staying so close to the cutting-edge arms traveling workers with the latest and greatest from their fields, making them much more desirable when they finally decide to secure permanent positions, and providing them with resume boosts they can use almost anywhere they go.

You Become Adaptable

Traveling for work means few — if any — of the situations professionals find themselves in will be exactly the same from day to day. Because of this, traveling healthcare professionals develop a kind of adaptability that few others can match, an ability to adjust to shifting situations quickly, think on their feet and stay in the moment no matter what comes their way.

This unflappable demeanor is a prized trait in any workplace but is especially valuable for healthcare travelers where the ability to work as a team requires every member to keep their cool and stay on their toes.

Becoming a traveling healthcare professional provides precisely the career boost many professionals are looking for. Those interested in finding out more about working with Triage should check out the allied and travel nurse jobs page and feel free to contact us for additional information.