Travel Nurse News: Week of 3/18/19

Nurse Impostor

At a glance.

A Tennessee woman’s licensure information was stolen from a public database and used by an impostor for more than 12 years.

Yeah, 12 years…

Apparently, a Tennessee nurse named Misty Venett’s licensing information was stolen by a woman with a similar name. The impostor took Ms. Venett’s information directly from Tennessee’s Department Of Health website, where all nurses licensed in the state’s information is available publicly (no obvious issues with that… even worse that this is common practice…).


While this particular attack was via a public database, traveling medical professionals are at increased risk for cyber security-based attacks. Whether you are in an airport, a major healthcare facility, or short-term housing, many open wifi offerings aren’t very secure. As a traveler, take care to change passwords often and be careful not to be too trusting of emails and wifi.

Healthcare Job Growth Down 50% In Feb

One line says it all…

Just like the greater US economy, healthcare job growth did stall out significantly in February.

Fewer jobs?

Triage still has thousands of jobs available to fill, but if your recent search has felt a bit lighter than before, your feeling might just be based in the reality of the moment. With 50% fewer jobs created in February than January, we imagine Nurses and Allied Staffers might be feeling a bit of frustration with the jobs available right now.

Don’t worry about it, yet…

One month is not an indicator of a trend, so your best bet might just be to ignore it. If you are having trouble finding a job in a specific place, broadening your search in the short-term could be a great way to ride out the storm, while you wait for the location you want to pop up.

If it continues, you can always work with a recruiter to dig deeper.