Travel Nurse News: Week of 3/11/19

20-Year On-Hold Piano Tune To Play Its Last Dance

Well, it is awful…

Truth be told, we had no idea what CVS’s on hold music sounded like until sitting down to write this. However, we imagine at least a few of you have become very familiar with it over the last 20 years!

Guilty pleasure? We have bad news. You are going to have to get your fix elsewhere.

Who says you can’t change the world?

Steven Schozlman, a Harvard psychiatrist and a dreamer, wrote a post begging CVS to change their on-hold music, claiming he’d spent a cumulative 25 days of his life listening to the piano piece, titled “Golden Dragon.” 

CVS responded that they would be changing their current phone system, including the on-hold music in 2019.

So, let that be a lesson to you. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Nurse Union Negotiation Breakdown

Travelers Needed…

Negotiations in New York state are leading some nurses to strike. Facilities are seeking to fill these voids with travelers.

Who says you can’t change the world?

The New York State Nurses Association and NYC Hospital Alliance have been negotiating on many things, with an emphasis on nurse-patient ratios. Apparently, 30 negotiation sessions have gone by yielding no progress.

Hospitals have turned to temporary staffing agencies, like Triage, to help fill positions.

Interested in going to NYC? Search job openings here.

States Exploring APRN Run Practices

Healthcare options widening?

Florida and Kansas are currently exploring options to allow APRNs to open their own practice.

Travel jobs to follow?

While this sort of arrangement technically exists to some extent now, if the bills were approved, APRNs would be able to open their own practice without a costly partnership with a doctor.

The idea of new jobs might be speculative at this point, but whether the APRN practices would want travelers or facilities would need travelers to offset staff moving to APRN practices, a wider network would almost certainly require more traveler power!

Nurse Impostor 2.0

At a glance.

A Texas nurse's licensure information was stolen by an impostor who used it to hold multiple nursing jobs

Mitigate risk, be safe!

This is the second article we've seen about this in two weeks. 

Benjamin Danneman never once legally held  a nursing license, but was able to exist and pass as a nurse on multiple assignments (certainly not a good one). 

On top of that, he used the identity to try to open cards and rent homes. Nurses are highly exposed to identity theft risk and should be extremely cautious in their only activity.

Whether you are in an airport, a major healthcare facility, or short-term housing, many open wifi offerings aren’t very secure. Take care to change passwords often and be careful not to be too trusting of emails and wifi.