Travel Hacks to Make The Most Out of Work Travel

Arguably, one of the most appealing aspects of jobs that require travel is the ability to get a taste of new locations. For those whose jobs necessitate the occasional bit of migration, being able to maximize the benefits of traveling is a huge positive, and these top travel hacks will help anyone who’s interested in making the most out of their work-travel experience.

Enhance your work-travel experience by planning ahead with these expert travel hacks.

Map Out Your Schedule

With a plan, almost anything is possible — including experiencing the flair and fun of a new locale. By mapping out a schedule in advance, travelers can instantly ascertain how much free time they will have and plan for fun events accordingly.

The most efficient approach is listing potential places to go and things to do by importance. Traveling medical professionals should prioritize their “must do” items, followed by “want to do” activities and any potential “extra” activities.

By listing activities in order of importance, travelers can set reasonable goals and manage their expectations about what will be possible and what might be wishful thinking.

It almost goes without saying that traveling medical professionals should scope out the dates and locations of those events that interest them most, so that they can integrate these into their schedule with minimal fuss or confusion.

If a traveler knows free time will be minimal, having priorities will help to maximize downtime. Sharing top priorities with your facility may even earn you a bit of flexibility to knock out top priorities.

Get Recommendations

In the interest of arriving well-prepared and optimizing their time, travelers should get recommendations on the most worthwhile places and activities to check out in their new city.


Gathering recommendations is as simple as reaching out to your social network or other medical traveling groups, then querying locals about what’s best upon arrival at the new locale.

In addition to these helpful sources of information, traveling medical professionals can ask their recruiters what they’ve heard about a particular destination. Recruiters have a habit of keeping their ear to the ground and stay abreast of many of the highlights a locale offers. Drawing on their knowledge and experience will allow traveling medical professionals to begin their venture well-prepared.

Be a Local

The art of living like a local while traveling somewhere new isn’t just a way for workers to blend into an unfamiliar city. Applying a local’s perspective is also a great way for travelers to expose themselves to new and exciting adventures.

Frequenting the same spots time and again will inevitably lead travelers to feeling bored. So, just like a local would, they can ditch the beaten path, start exploring, and see where their wandering will take them next.

A great way for travelers to get a taste of the “local’s-eye-view” is to try walking whenever possible. While driving, and even on public transportation, a new city’s secrets can pass by undetected. On foot, there’s a higher likelihood that travelers will stumble across something unexpected, but worth their time.

Work Travel Is Amazing When You Plan it Right

To reiterate, work travel is an incredible experience — one that is only enhanced when travelers exercise some forethought and plan ahead for their journey. To learn more about how work travel at its most fulfilling and to find out more about working with Triage, be sure to contact us for further details.