Top Tips of 2015 for Traveling Medical Professionals

Step on up folks, we’ve got 2015’s most popular traveling healthcare industry posts from our very own hub. Check out our top 5 articles for traveling medical professionals to get tips on how to travel, the best jobs to find, getting used to your new place and more!

1. Top 5 Benefits of Being a Traveling Healthcare Professional

Coming in at number one, this post talks about the many advantages the traveling healthcare industry offers to qualified medical professionals:

As a healthcare professional, loving what you do is important. But shouldn’t you also love where you do it? Nobody likes to dread going to work, and taking the road less traveled may lead you to places where you can love both your work and where you do it! That’s just one benefit from joining the wonderful world of traveling healthcare professionals, and we’ve got 5 more for you. If you’ve been toying with the idea of traveling around doing what you love, check ‘em out!

People of the World, Spice Up Your Life

As you choose assignments, you have the ability to pick different cities that you’ve always dreamed of going to but never actually booked the flight. You also have the choice of working in different health systems of all shapes and sizes. Don’t like scraping your windows in the winter? Plan your assignments so you can “fly south” in January. Do you love hikes in the mountains but currently live in Nebraska? You can pick an assignment for the fall to be in Colorado. We have traveling healthcare jobs available in all 50 states!  Read more traveling benefits here!

2. 5 Quick Fixes for the Biggest Traveling Issues

Number 2 on our list tackles travel obstacles, and offers suggestions on how to remedy (sometimes overly) daunting travel issues:

Travel isn’t always easy…here are some quick fixes for the biggest traveling issues.

You can’t take your furry friends

False! You may think that but if you let your recruiter know the situation, they can work with you to find appropriate assignments. While some housing complexes have strict rules about pets there are also ones that allow them! All you have to do is keep this and your pet’s needs in mind. There may be a few extra doggie hoops to jump through, but it’s not impossible. Fix the rest of your travel issues with these traveling tips.

3. How to Eat Healthy On the Go

This post offers many tricks and tips for traveling healthcare professionals seeking an easy way to stay healthy while on assignment:

Don’t let the vigor of traveling steer you away from living your healthy lifestyle. It’s still important to keep your body in tip-top shape. You can keep your intake fresh and fit for less with some easy swaps. Here’s how:

Cut it out

Cut out the soda and 2am “I. Need. Ice. Cream.” runs. Water is cheap and great for you. There are also better options than eating out especially at the greasy fast food joint down the way. It’s a matter of getting rid of poor choices. When you’re pulling a 12-hour shift overnight and your eyelids feel like they couldn’t get any heavier, choose black coffee or water. When you’re ravenous, reach for fruits, vegetables (like baby carrots!) and snackable foods like nuts. Check out the rest of our  healthy snacking tips for travelers.

4. Top 7 Finance Tips for Traveling Professionals

Number 4 on our list offers financial advice to traveling healthcare professionals tackling the heart of financial organization and tactfulness at it’s core:

Doing your job on the road is adventurous, interesting and fun! Not only do you get to work with many different kinds of people, you get to experience new environments, travel the world (okay, nation) and learn new skills while exploring different environments. The life of a traveling medical pro is exhilarating! And lucrative. If done correctly, you can truly manage your finances from the road, all while making sure the bills get paid on time. Here are some top tips for keeping your finances in order, no matter where you’re working this month!

Enroll in a 401k or retirement plan for travelers.

Gone are the days when being a traveling medical professional meant no retirement plan. A good 80% of U.S. employees have 401(k) benefits. Any agency worth its salt will offer you a matching plan so you can make sure you’re taken care of (when you’re done taking care of others. Here are some things to look for. What’s that you say? Your current agency isn’t offering you a matching retirement plan or doesn’t have any excellent options? Join the Triage family.

See the rest of our financial tips f or travelers.

5. Industry Watch: Health-Related Apps in High Demand

This post delves into the many different health apps traveling medical professionals can use on the job (when on location) to stay fit:

Plan your workout, track your run, get motivated by a trainer, record your REM sleep and lose weight: all done with applications on your phone. Health apps are the handy little tools in your pocket to keep us on track and number in the hundreds of thousands and from the amount of social before-and-afters posts, they seem to be in use from just about everyone. The iPhone even comes programmed with the default Apple Health app. So, which of the 165,000 health-related apps out there are at the top of the trends list for those of us “in the know”?

Download the rest of these apps for traveling medical pros pronto!

Here at Triage, we spend a lot of time creating careers for our travelers. Is there something you want us to write about or offer that we don’t? Let us know and make sure to stop by our blog in 2016 for even more helpful tips and posts for traveling healthcare professionals!