6 Reasons Travelers Leave Their Agency to Join Triage Staff

6.  Unkept Promises.  Not unlike the movie The Never Ending Story which (spoiler alert) actually ends (ugh!) at the 2 hour 15 minute mark, a lot of other agencies make promises they cannot or will not keep.  Triage realizes that taking care of our employees and keeping the promises we make are integral to our success as a company.

5. Recruiters Who Don’t Return Calls.  Hello?  Is it me you’re looking for?  Picture your old recruiter’s holiday photo with Lionel Ritchie’s voice and you get the idea.  “Yes”, you say, “you were the one I was looking for.”  All kidding aside, it’s frustrating when calls go unanswered.  Everyone is busy to be sure but at Triage we’re never too busy to return a call. After all this is a partnership – without one the other ceases to exist.

4. Unfriendly Customer Service. Your connection to Triage Staffing is the recruiter.  And whether it’s an issue with housing or a problem within the hospital that you need attended to, having a friendly recruiter on the other end of the phone can be the difference between a good day and a bad one.  Some say you can hear a smile.  Is this true?  Depends on whether you believe you can feel a frown.  Or smell a grimace. However the senses work (I’m no doctor) you can bank on friendly customer service at Triage…and maybe even an audible smile

3. Poor Housing.  Let’s cut through the red tape…or in the case of some questionable housing, the police tape.  Three months is a long time to be away from home.  And the more comfortable your housing the more comfortable the assignment.  For those who do not take housing allowance rest assure Triage will always do its best to provide clean, comfortable and safe housing.

2. Locution, Locution, Locution.  No, wait, I got that phrase wrong.  Location is what I meant.  (Locution has something to do with phraseology.  Oh, the planned irony.) Location of your assignment is as important as getting paid correctly.  We work hand in hand with you to make sure we are running assignment past you in your preferred geographical locations and getting you where you want to be.

1. Problems with Paycheck.  There are many reasons healthcare professionals choose the traveling lifestyle and chief among them is the pay.  When you are not paid correctly or on time, your pay day can turn into a gray day.  (Ok, not my best.  But imagine the ‘case of the Mondays’ woman from Office Space saying it. Who’s smiling now? You are!!! Getting a good paycheck paid in a timely manner can make you feel good. And feeling good is something we can all pay forward.