Top 10 States for Traveling Medical Millennials

Get your bags ready, it’s travel season! We’re a traveling medical staffing agency, so technically it’s always travel season, but the point is there are spots in the U.S. you may not have considered or maybe you have and you just needed an excuse to get there. Take a look at these ten summer traveling hotspots, where the music is loud, the food is hot and Millennials can’t pass up.


Did you know humans can’t help their natural addiction to cheese? We have Wisconsin to blame for that. Taste the best cheese (deep fried, if you’re into that) you’ll ever find on your journey to Milwaukee. If you’re a laboratory MT, all the better to get paid for eating cheese… and working hard. But mostly cheese.


Did you know Pennsylvania has some of the best suburbs for young professionals to network and find incredible jobs? If you’re a pathology assistant, check out this position in Pennsylvania to see for yourself. Opportunities are waiting!


Millennials drank 42% of all wine in the U.S. in 2015, which means there is no excuse for Millennials to deny a work trip to grapeland. P.S. there’s a huge festival hosted at the Golden Gate Park, The Outside Lands Festival. Knock out three birds with one stone if you’re an occupational therapist or physical therapist assistant and want to visit the Golden Gate bridge, while getting a taste of California live music, food, art and culture live on the streets of San Fran.


Do we even need to explain ourselves? Southern food and live jazz in Houston, Texas this June! That’s all you need, well, and an X-ray certification, if you want to get paid to enjoy the sweet south. Not quite your area of expertise? Occupational therapist positions are open in Dallas, Texas if you’re ready to SavorDallas this summer and get a taste of some real southern comfort.


If you’re part of the near 200 million international young travelers, Arizona is a site for you. Even better if you’re a Cath Lab nurse. Arizona is your stop this June, but don’t cut down any endangered cacti, or you’ll be facing an unexpected extra year in Arizona prison. Instead, check out the music festivals Arizona has to offer during your stay.


If you need something a little low key, or need a break from all the summer hype, look into visiting the naturally inspired art show in Indiana (plus all these other incredible events Indiana has to offer). Bonus points if you’re a physical therapist. Travel there for your next assignment and explore greatness in Fort Wayne!


Have you ever wanted to see the intricacies of human body development up close and personal? If you’re a lab MT, take this summer to Kansas and be amazed by the human development process.


Lobster is on the menu in Maine for the Maine Lobster Festival at the beginning of August. Ultrasound generals, take a flight up to Maine and experience true-to-goodness seafood at this lively festival.  

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The longest running outdoor music festival in the mid-Atlantic is happening now until September. Don’t worry if you haven’t applied for your Ultrasound Echo position in the state for lovers, they’re still there!


We won’t talk about the southern food. That’s all fine and dandy. What you NEED to see in Louisiana is the tallest capitol building in the United States and the longest bridge over water in the world. If you’re a Cath Lab Tech looking for an opportunity to crank your neck 450 feet in the sky and have a good excuse for a lovely panorama photo, Louisiana is waiting for you.

Don’t miss out on a great summer. Make money, travel, feel the culture of these great states and help people in need. It’s the Millennial dream. Tell us about your favorite travel assignment to date @TriageStaff!