​The Best 8 Snacks to Pack for Staying Hydrated

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Summer is on its way here, and staying hydrated should be a top priority for the busy bees on their feet multiple hours throughout the day. Sometimes working in healthcare all day means fewer bathroom breaks; this could make getting that 11-15 recommended cups of water a day a bit of a challenge. Here are eight unique techniques you can use to stay hydrated, without drowning yourself in flavorless water all day long.

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1. One word: WATERmelon.

Watermelon is 92% water; not to mention, crazy delicious and a solid source of potassium, vitamin A and C.

2.Not a fruit person?

Take a seat at the veggie table; celery carries even more water (95%) and can be incorporated into your daily feed in so many different ways. Look beyond the Plain Jane “ants on a log” snack and prepare your celery 10 different ways while getting hydrated.

3. Be cool as a cucumber.

Cucumbers are listed as the number one water-logged vegetables grown with 96% water. If you’re traveling to the south this summer, cucumbers grow especially well there – start munchin’n’crunchin on these tasty greens! Cucumbers only take about three weeks to grow; give yourself a delightful, fresh hobby and learn to grow your own cucumbers while you’re down there (don’t miss out on the hush puppies, grits and spicy barbeque while you’re at it).

4. Get your fiber, too.

Strawberries are among another great snack you can take on-the-go, packing 92% water and are loaded with fiber and vitamin C.

5. Recharge in a jar.

Rich salad greens are among some of the best hydration foods. Popular, easy lunch tip: Mason Jar Salads. Pack yourself a mason jar full of the above-mentioned fruits and veggies for a super-hydration station lunch sesh.

6. Use fruit to infuse.

Perhaps you’re just not much of a water-drinker, but you know staying hydrated throughout the day is a must-do. Try something off-beat like adding freshly squeezed juices to water as a supplement. This way, you’re getting your water intake without suffering through the plain water taste. Get crafty with these 14 fruit-infused water recipes.

7. Smoothie break.

Another jazzed-up hydrator to try is making smoothies with high-water-based fruits. The best fruits to use in your smoothies for staying hydrated include: blueberries, oranges, peaches, pineapples, plums, raspberries, cantaloupes and watermelon. Take these 20 tips into the blender with your favorite fruits for the healthiest possible smoothie.


Confusing right? I thought coffee was a dehydrant. Wrong. This myth is busted… “Although the data are somewhat varied, the general trend is that higher doses of caffeine in caffeine-naive individuals will elicit an acute increase in urine volume, yet a low to moderate dose of caffeine does not include a diuretic effect,” PLOS Research Journals.

Take these eight alternatives above to gain the daily hydration you need to keep you buzzing around all day long. Who said hydration had to be so lame? Whether you use just one of them or mix’n’match your tactics, you’ll certainly benefit from packing these 8 snacks for a refreshing day inside or out of the office.