The Benefits of Working Over the Holidays as a Traveling Medical Pro

It’s that time of year, again! Families come together to celebrate, and friends plan nights out while everyone’s back in town. As the holidays approach, with them comes cooking, get togethers, shopping and spending quality time with family. Committing to allied or travel nurse jobs during this time of the year may have you catching a case of FOMO. Don’t let your commitment get you down over the holidays. We are here to help you discover all the benefits that come with working holiday hours.

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Built-In Support Systems

You will most likely not be the only person working the holiday which means you have a built-in support system right in your facility. Your permanent counterparts, as well as other travelers, will be there by your side as you brave the day together plan a little celebration ahead of time like a potluck of favorite holiday foods or games you play with your family and friends back home!

It Pays to Work the Holidays

Many traveling assignments reward those working the holiday with monetary bonuses or incentives. It can also be rewarding to know you gave someone the ability to see their family on that special day. You’ll also likely experience a slower day (except in the ER) at the facility since many people are participating in celebrations with family and friends. It’s important to check with the facility to know what days will be recognized–everywhere is different. At Triage, we offer great opportunities during the holidays as well as incentives. As an added bonus for our travelers this season, we’re offering a special Yeti cooler to everyone who signs a new contract or extends an existing one!

Bringing Holiday Cheer to Everyone Far and Near

As a traveler, it can be difficult to be away from your loved ones on these specific days, but try to take the perspective that it’s just another day on the calendar and you will have the ability to celebrate with them at another time. Picking a separate date to celebrate may also benefit other members of your family who must work the holidays as well. By doing so, you’re able to use the day to help your patients and their families celebrate at the facility. They’re likely stuck in this space for the holiday and not able to go home, so taking the time to spread some cheer and brighten their spirits while working is a great way to spend the day.

Working while others are celebrating is not an ideal situation, but there is always a bright side! Griping and complaining about being on duty that day will only bring others down so it’s important to find the good and to be a team player.