The Authoritative Guide to Relaxing While Traveling

You just got the call from your recruiter. Your 13-week travel assignment is up and it’s time to move on to the next location in need of your medical services. Understandably, even for seasoned travelers this time can bring forth feelings of anxiety, excitement and nervousness all wrapped up in one. This on top of the daily stresses of caring for patients, can easily create a whirlwind of stress.

At Triage, we know you don’t need another stressor. We created this simple guide to relaxing before, during and after your next medical journey. Take a look!

 Before the Journey: Jumpstart Your Organizing

Our first hack? Plan, plan, plan! If you know that a change is happening soon, mark your calendar. Take the days or weeks before you leave to plan out and organize all your travel necessities including packing, passports, facility directions and more.

However, be sure to space this process out. Rushing to get everything done in one or two nights, or waiting until the last minute is counterproductive and will have you stressing more than necessary. Create an actual schedule and list of what you need so you can work on just a few things every night/day (depending on your shift). Consider creating a basic packing list you can use between each assignment. This means, when the time to depart comes, everything will be exactly where you need it without any extra hassle.


During the Journey: Uncover Hidden Relaxation

The time has come and the big day has arrived. Spending a few hours in a car, on a plane or even a train is actually the perfect opportunity to relax and separate from the stress of moving. When preparing for the trip, make sure to pack your favorite book, create a soothing playlist or even bring a pillow for the ultimate relaxing activity a nap.

If you happen to be driving, you will probably be away from urban population for at least an hour or so. It’s just you and the road, so throw on some tunes, listen to an audiobook or check out a talk-radio session or podcast. Let the sound ease your mind and enjoy the drive and time to yourself.


After the Journey: Time to Adjust

You’ve just arrived in your new town and things are bound to be pretty different. Here’s the key to not going crazy: give yourself the time necessary to adjust. This may even involve arriving a little ahead of schedule so you can use the extra day or two to learn your surroundings. Don’t rush into things. Instead, take a walk around, check out the indie downtown district, see where your new facility is located or make yourself at home in your new place.

The traveling process doesn’t have to be stressful. When you have patients who rely on you, the last thing you need is something else to distract you from the care they deserve. That’s why Triage is here to help. Our recruiters are with you every step of the way. We are here to ensure your assignments and transitions go as smoothly as possible. Join the Triage Staffing family today!