Summer Fit Tips for Traveling Medical Professionals

Between TSA’s strict rules, starchy (and expensive) grab-n-go snacks at the airport and trying to maintain that healthy summer glow, staying fit during your travel assignments is basically asking for grey stress hairs. Your Triage team is pulling through with ways to stay active without the contract that comes with gym memberships. Keep up with the summer heat by following these knock-out fit tips for travelers.

TSA-Approved Snacks

Instead of letting TSA throw all your delicious food away, consider packing these travel-friendly snacks in your carry-on:

  • Nuts NOT Trail Mix: Raw almonds, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts (in moderation). Nuts will hold you over longer than the trail mixes sold in convenient stores that are packed with added sugars and extra salt.
  • Hummus & Pretzels: Since packing a rotisserie chicken is a party foul on the plane, get your protein intake from hummus with it’s best salty sidekick, the pretzel. If you want to avoid the salt completely and stay hydrated while eating, bring a bag of baby carrots or chopped up English cucumbers.
  • Kick the Gummies, Welcome the Real Deal: Fresh whole fruits, not diced or sliced, are good to go with TSA. When you’re stuck on a plane and slept through the last call for beverages, a giant juicy orange will have you loving your past self for packing it. Try packing fruits that won’t easily get smooshed in your bag and don’t require being in the fridge (avocado, blueberries, figs, grapes, kiwi, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, prunes, etc.)
  • Fill’er up: Bring a completely empty, reusable water bottle with you and fill it up once you pass security. Avoid spending $5 on a warm 12 oz bottle of airport water while reducing your use of plastic. Carrying a water bottle with you will also encourage you to stay hydrated through your travels.

Have more questions regarding TSA regulations? Visit their website for the breakdown.  

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Summer Travel Fitness

Now that we have the travel foods down, what can you do to stay active while on your travel assignments without locking down a gym membership?

Get out of your comfort zone

Going out to eat isn’t the only attraction you can enjoy when traveling to new places. Check out the scenery by downloading “All Trails,” a mobile app that shows you walking, biking and hiking trails in your area. University of Pittsburgh scientists have reported walking briskly for 30-60 minutes a day helps lose weight even if you don’t change any other lifestyle habits.

Get involved locally

You’re not quite a local, but you can pretend to be one by joining in on free activities in your travel area. Here are 11 apps updated by locals helping out-of-towners live the experienced life of a local. These insights can help you discover free yoga in the park, hot spots for sand volleyball, hiking clubs, flag football games, you name it.

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Not about that app life

If you’re more into the map life, see what parks you’re living close to and see what events and trails are available around those parts. Even if nothing is happening at the moment you arrive, you can ask someone in the park if there are any events or games in the works. People (most of the time) love bragging about what their city has to offer to out-of-town folk. Asking in person already gives you one extra friend from that town. Go you.


The summer is the happiest season for fresh, amazing, homegrown foods. Find a local in the hospital or facility you’re working in and ask where the nearest Farmer’s Markets are being held. Farmer’s Markets are a great way to get exercise and buy inexpensive and fresh healthy foods. Meet new people, pet dogs, dance to the sounds of the town you’re experiencing and have a great start to your Saturday morning.

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Ultimately, staying healthy while traveling for work takes a little effort. Make yourself a promise to build healthy initiatives into your professional routine, even if you have a rough day at the clinic. New seasons are the perfect time for turning over a new leaf; start this season off on a health kick and find yourself extra energized in your new assignment.

Do you have a favorite health travel hack you love, but didn’t see listed? Share with us @TriageStaff and we’ll share with fellow followers!