Advantages of a Small Town Gig

When traveling for work you’ll find nearly every kind of city has its pros and cons. Smaller cities, however, seem to get less consideration than larger ones because of all the things they are supposedly “missing.” Truth be told, there’s charm to be found in smaller towns and plenty of reasons you should give them a second look.

There are plenty of positives that come along with taking an assignment in a small city @TriageStaff
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small town hospitality

The general attitude in smaller towns is one of politeness and friendliness. Being in a smaller community, there’s greater familiarity and overall sense of community among its residents, and you might find neighbors welcoming you into the fold, talking to you like they’ve known you for your entire life.

short commute times

Smaller populations often mean less traffic, and that translates to a shorter commute for you. While it’s true you might run into a bit of congestion from time-to-time, it’ll hardly compare to major population centers like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, or Washington DC.

lower crime rates

Small towns generally have lower crime rates than their larger counterparts. This is partly due to the difference in size (more people means more opportunities for crime to occur), but other factors, like the varying degrees of community between large and small cities, play a role as well. Regardless of the reasons, less crime means a safer place for you and your family to live.

inexpensive housing

Costs of living in smaller areas are often cheaper than they are in bigger cities. In addition to the relief you’ll gain from not having to track down affordable real estate, you can put the money you would have spent in a more costly housing market towards savings or other expenses.

consolidated spending

Having fewer opportunities to eat out, attend concerts, and the like might seem a disadvantage at first. If you think about this with your budget in mind, however, you’ll see that it’s actually a benefit for your wallet. Plus, we’ve all had a book or two we’ve been trying to read, this is a great time to get after it.

unique traditions

Small towns have a culture all their own, and you’ll likely find that these unique traditions provide no small measure of pleasure. You’ll have a chance to have a blast as you become acclimated to an all-new way of life.

ideal for fitness

Smaller cities often have an abundance of outdoor spaces. This makes them the perfect setting for getting in shape or maintaining a rigorous fitness routine. Whether running, hiking, or biking is your fancy, you’ll have ample opportunity to engage in these workout activities and many others.

greater networking opportunities

The “small town vibe” is one where everyone seems to know everybody. When it comes to networking, this will work to your advantage, as you’ll be able to form deeper, more personal connections that may pay off when career opportunities present themselves down the line.

proximity to major cities

If you’re working in a small city and you have a craving for a taste of the big city lifestyle, you’re in luck. Most towns are close enough to major metropolises that you can get the best of that “big city excitement” and then retreat to the peace and quiet of small town living afterwards.

As you can see, there are plenty of positives that come along with taking an assignment in a small city, and many reasons for you to consider thinking small for your next travel assignment. Triage welcomes you to check out our allied and travel nurse jobs page to learn more about the opportunities that lay in wait. We hope you’ll reach out if you have any questions about how working with Triage can help propel your career to new heights.