PT Compact 411

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for (cue the fanfare): Interstate Licensure Compact for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants has begun and it’s gaining momentum! Tune in to our Facebook Live Event on Wednesday, September 12 at noon CST to hear from PT Compact Administrator, TJ Cantwell, dish on all the details.

But first, read more about it so you can come prepared with questions.

What it means for you:

This is an exciting time as the PT Compact opens new doors for traveling opportunities and career advancement.

The Compact allows physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to practice in multiple states, giving you the freedom to travel while building your resume and career. It also relieves hospitals and healthcare facilities of staff shortages, should their local PT database be scarce. It’s a win-win for everybody.

This has been a long time coming. The idea for a PT Compact started to materialize in 2014. You can imagine the research, studying, education and legality that goes into this type of interstate agreement. So yes, it took a while, just about four years for this amazing opportunity to fall into your laps. But, here it is, ready to rock and beginning to roll.

States in the pt compact:

Legislation for the Compact has been enacted in 21 states. Of those states, five are actively issuing compact privileges: North Dakota, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and Oregon. 

The other 16 states are getting there, meaning “we’re on board, just figuring out the logistics, hang tight.” Pennsylvania has introduced legislation, but it hasn’t been enacted yet, which means, “we’re thinking about it, check back later.”

Benefits of purchasing a compact privilege: 

  • Less paperwork (less headaches come tax time) and reduced costs for licensure (no cost when you travel with Triage). The Compact streamlines requirements and processes to practice in different states.
  • Less wait-time: you’ll have the ability to work in another Compact member state almost immediately!
  • Working as a traveling healthcare professional undoubtedly makes you more marketable in your career. Why? Read more about the topic on a recent blog.

How you enter the compact:

You need to have a current and valid PT/PTA license in your home state of residence, and that state must be an active, participating member of the PT Compact to apply for privileges in other member states.

Also, the PT Compact privileges are just that, privileges. Strict guidelines are set for the PTs and PTAs who want to join. One example being, no disciplinary action against your license for two years prior to applying.

If you meet all requirements, go to the PT Compact website to purchase a compact privilege license. From there, it should be almost immediate that you are given the okay to start traveling.

Bonus: Triage will pay for all privilege fees up front when you sign a contract on a new assignment. That’s right, we’ve got your back.

*Note: Some states may require the successful completion of its jurisprudence exam prior to purchasing a compact privilege, which may impact the time needed to complete the process.

What’s the next step?:

We hope you’re as excited as we are! This means big things for PTs & PTAs.

To make sure you’re getting the entire 411 on PT Compact privileges, tune in to our Facebook Live Event on September 12, at 12 pm CST. PT Compact Commission Administrator, TJ Cantwell, will be dropping some knowledge and showing you how to easily get started.

Click Here to sign up for the event. We’ll see you there.