Passive Incomes: A Little Extra Money Never Hurt Anyone

The topic of passive (or near passive) income has gained a ton of popularity in the last few years. People across the globe are embracing the idea that by providing value to others, they can create new income streams with minimal effort. While your new assignment with Triage is sure to keep you busy, here are a few other ways to squeeze even more income out of the time you spend on assignment (or really any time)!

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Blogging with Affiliate Links

So many traveling professionals have blogs to keep track of their journeys, keep their family and friends up-to-date with their travels, talk about their experiences across the country or highlight their particular area of expertise, like reviewing the medical products they use on the job. Using affiliate links, you can turn a blog/vlog in to a steady stream of income as an affiliate marketer.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is super-easy. Sign up for an affiliate program through sites like ShareASale, Ebates and Amazon. Each of these sites will provide you with unique URLs you can use in your blog, on social media or in the description of video blogs to promote products you use in your daily life. Depending on which program you use, you’ll be compensated for each sale, lead or click you help generate for the company.


Entrepreneurs are always looking for investors, and for whatever reason, some are unable to obtain traditional loans. If you have extra money, you can assist these budding entrepreneurs with a kick start of capital for their business by participating in a microloan.

Microlending sites like boast returns up to 6%. On top of the high-profit you can hope to see, many of these sites are geared toward causes many of us are passionate about. For example, Kiva grants loans to aspiring students and entrepreneurs in developing countries and Trine funds solar energy expansion. While there is risk involved, these sites recommend making many small loans to keep that risk to a minimum.


Another low effort option is investing in index funds or dividend yielding stock. Professionals suggest starting by investing small amounts in multiple companies that have future projections of doing well. As your stock value grows, you can sell, and take your earnings to the bank. If you’re hooked, you can improve your portfolio by investing your earnings or trading up to watch your income rise.

Rent Your Home (Or a Room) Out

As a traveler, you know there is no place like home. With the popularity of home-sharing travel websites growing at an exponential rate, you can give others that feeling of comfort by inviting them stay at your home for a weekend. Since you’ll be on assignment, you can even look to rent your space for an extended stay. Become a host for Airbnb Host or Homestay, and start making money from your spare bedroom.

Teach First Aid or CPR

As a traveling medical professional, you clearly know a thing or two about first aid and CPR. Why not take advantage of these skills and become a first aid or CPR instructor? All you have to do is complete an instructor training course through the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross to start hosting your own classes. Bonus to this side hustle: You choose the time and date of your courses!

Tutor Students

While teaching first aid and tutoring students aren’t exactly passive income opportunities, they’re great side hustles that enable you to meet others and make some cash while doing so. Show off that hard-earned degree by tutoring future nurses and medical professionals at a local university. Students love the real-life experience and stories medical professionals who actually work in the industry bring to the table. Not only can you help them cram for their next test, but you are also able to provide insight to what they’ll truly need to know as they get closer to entering the workforce.

Refer a Traveling Medical Professional

While on your job assignments, you’re in hospitals and offices networking with tons of other talented medical professionals. Refer the best ones to Triage through our Referral Bonus Program to rack up some serious cash. For each contract a new referral signs with us, you’ll receive a bonus of $750. Be sure to tell them all the positive aspects of working with Triage, so they’re excited to give a traveling position a shot!

Needless to say, being a traveling medical professional comes with some major pros including great paycheck, the opportunity to explore new places and the free time to have a side hustle, if you choose to. Fill that free time with passive, or close to passive, incomes to keep your mind and body busy, and your wealth rapidly expanding. After all, a little extra money never hurt anyone.

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